Taking Good Care of Your Clients Starts with Taking Good Care of Yourself


Are you one of those professionals who is so focused on your clients' well-being that you fail to take good care of yourself? Our industry is about healing and giving, so it's not surprising if you tend to put the welfare of others ahead of your own. Still, you can't ignore your own physical and emotional needs in the pursuit of making others feel good. At some point, you can't give 100 percent - and many of you give a lot more - if you're not feeling your best.


For your own sake and the sake of your clients, get in touch with what your body and mind are telling you. From a physical standpoint, using your hands and body can be taxing. Many professionals get carpal tunnel syndrome or other repetitive stress injuries and have to leave their beloved profession in some cases.


Don't ignore physical discomfort or pain - they will only get worse. You also may be experiencing an emotional strain because your clients depend on you to be part of their own wellness support system. Don't push yourself to live up to this expectation to the point of jeopardizing your own emotional needs.


Here are just some things you can do to get balance physically and mentally:

  • Take a break - a vacation or just a few days away. And take breaks on the job - even a 20-minute nap during the course of a long day can refresh and renew you.
  • Eat a healthy diet and don't rely on caffeine or sugar for a needed boost of energy. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables instead.
  • Exercise - walk, jog or stretch, and you'll see how much better and stronger you feel.
  • Meditate or do yoga to help you find balance and immerse yourself in relaxation.
  • Get involved with a hobby to take your mind off your work and help you slow down.
  • In your practice, be mindful of ergonomics - make sure you are working with the right table, and your body position is correct to avoid pain and physical stress.


Here at BIOTONE, we aim to help you achieve balance, so we've created a range of products that offer superior texture, workability, and effectiveness. Our new Cocoa-Comfort Massage Balm, for example, is the first real cocoa-butter massage balm that offers more glide than a creme to meet the needs of any massage modality... and with less reapplication! It's products like our revolutionary massage balm that makes your job easier and less demanding. That way, you can make your client's experience the most satisfying.

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