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The International SPA Association (ISPA) recently released its report on the spa industry's latest trends. I am excited to share some of them in the next several blogs, along with my favorite and developing protocols that represent each direction.


My favorite challenge is taking traditional healing practices and translating the experience and benefits to my treatment room. For example, I recently received a spa treatment at the Oleksandra Salon and Spa in Las Vegas. It is an updated version of a traditional Russian self-care treatment Venik (broom) Massage in a Banya (sauna).


It involves using a sauna to heat the core temperature and then drop, pat, and compress heated oak, birch, or eucalyptus branches onto the body. The heating of the branches releases the oils known for their detoxifying properties. This is followed by a massage designed to stimulate and flush the circulatory system.


I loved it and naturally want to introduce it to my clients this winter. Instead of tied branches (maybe next year), I plan to apply essential oils, with smaller benefits, using a natural bristle body brush following the lymphatic flow.


MY CHOICES: BIOTONE's Sore Muscle Relief and Detoxifying Complexes. To duplicate the sauna's effects, I will utilize a pre-treatment hot shower followed by the aromatic body brushing, a hot herbal wrap steamed with branches, and then the massage. My clients will be al dente.


They say that success is a combination of inspiration and perspiration. This traditional treatment provided plenty of both, so when you're in Vegas, book one for yourself. It's time well spent.

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