Wrapped Up in Summer


Summer is fast approaching! By the time the first day of summer hits, kids are already out of school, and parents are trying to get in the groove with their ever changing summer schedules!  Summer camp, vacations, and fun in the sun keep those busy parents on their toes! That doesn’t mean that clients without kids are sitting around twiddling their thumbs!  They, too, are packing their schedules with exciting adventures and outdoor activities. 

The sun helps our bodies produce vitamin D, which is good, but too much ultraviolet light can burn, dry out, and damage the skin, including reducing skin elasticity.  All the above result in the skin aging faster than it otherwise would. Exposure to UV rays, whether from the sun, tanning beds, or sun lamps, can damage the skin.

The increase in sun exposure and stress from busy schedules make for the perfect opportunity to offer your clients a relaxing and skin rejuvenating body wrap! Body wraps hydrate and nourish dry, damaged skin while providing an intensely relaxing experience.  The cocoon of the body wrap triggers the “rest-and-digest” activities of the parasympathetic nervous system, much like swaddling a baby!

Depending on your client’s skin type and condition, you can determine if they need a more or less aggressive exfoliation, then pick a product that meets that need—buff for a more gentle scrub or, maybe, salt or sugar for thicker or rougher skin.  Follow the exfoliation with a moisturizing treatment product, such as mud or a balm, perhaps even adding a few drops of essential oil to amplify the effects.

Then you wrap them in a thermal blanket for 15 minutes while you massage their face and scalp, maybe even adding in a hot oil scalp treatment! Follow the wrap up with a full body massage using a hydration lotion or butter!  Who could resist?

You can easily market body wraps to your clients via email or postcards, maybe even offer them a discount if this is the first body wrap they have received from you!

If you have never offered body wraps, but are interested in adding this amazing therapy to your menus, visit Biotone’s website to watch simple “How To” videos and see various body wrap treatments that have already been designed for you to use!



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