Sub-par Products Won't Save You Money in the Long Run

Who doesn't want to save money to boost profits? The recession has made all of us more careful about the dollars we spend to run and promote our business. But if there is one area where you don't want to cut corners it's on the products you use. There really is no such thing as a quality treatment if you are using inferior products. Just ask your clients.

While sub-par lubricants - such as those you find in drugs stores and supermarkets - might save you money, your clients will feel the difference. These products are not designed for use by professionals. Quality massage lubricants - oils, lotions, creams, gels and analgesics - are developed to provide the glide and friction appropriate for the various massage modalities. For example, consider oils for treatments that need extended glide. If grip is more critical to the message, creams and lotions are more suitable. In any case, sub-par products cannot be counted on to provide the performance you require for a quality, satisfying body treatment.

Washability is something you want to consider. Sub-par products may not wash out of linens. Whatever money you may save on product you will lose on linens, since you can't use stained linens again.

In addition to their performance, also consider that grocery store oils have ingredients that are not necessarily conducive to prolonged contact on skin - yours and your clients. Professional grade products give you the assurance the ingredients they include are design for extended exposure to skin and should not cause irritation to most clients.

In all cases, research your products for usability, ingredients and shelf life. Try a sample before you make an investment to ensure you are getting the right product and the highest quality for your needs. At BIOTONE, we have specially designed trial sizes, to give you an opportunity to try our products before making a selection.

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