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We are thinking of you during this very uncertain time.  We are open for business and are here to answer any questions and address concerns you have. Similarly, we expect you are equally concerned about your clients, many of whom depend on regular treatments for their physical and emotional well-being. Even though you can’t provide hands on support, you can still connect with your clients and also help your business, at the same time. Here are some recommendations:


Update and inform

Be active on social media, send out email updates, create a podcast or consider a blog, if you don’t already have one, during this time. Clients will appreciate information on self-care, both mental and physical; what your business is doing to prepare for the time when you’ll be open again, and also what is some of the latest thinking by health and wellness experts about taking care.


You’ve probably become aware of the popularity of Zoom for video conferencing. Skype and Google hangouts are equally effective. If a client, for example, would like advise on self-care, you could arrange a one-on-one video conference to have a discussion and even demonstrate self-massage.

Promote gift cards and discounts

Your business will be back and you want to continue to convey that. One way is to promote your gift cards, says the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  “Gift cards provide you with an immediate infusion of cash and guarantee that a customer will return to your business in the future,” the Chamber says. Also, if you sell at-home products online, consider discounts or specials to help out client budgets and continue to bring revenue into your business

Pre book

Business will re-open and pent-up demand could pose a challenge. Encourage clients to book appointments now via phone, email or on-line if you have booking software.


This is also a good time to start planning how you might want to change your business when things return. Taking a class online is something else to consider.

Get personal

Let your clients know how you are coping with the shutdown and working on personal and professional improvement as well as taking good care of yourself.  By the same token, if you are enjoying a good book or Netflix movie, let your clients know about it. We’re all in this together and clients want to know how you, too, are coping.


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