Why self-discovery is important to you and the growth of your spa or massage practice


Do you really know who you are and what you want from life? Self-discovery is important to your personal fulfillment. “In Questions to Spark Self-Discovery,” Margarita Tartakovsky, associate editor at Psych Central, points out, “…once you know your priorities and perspectives, you can make deliberate decisions based on those things, intentionally creating a more connected life that is true to you.”  She lists several questions to help you through the important process of self-discovery.  Here are some of them.

“What do I need right now more than anything else?” This question is important because it will help you identify what you need to be both happy and healthy. You may need more exercise, more sleep, or more time off to feel refreshed and tackle your business's challenges.

“What feeling do I most want to have in my life? What do I want to be doing more of in my life? What do I want to be doing less of?” By asking these three questions, you can determine what you really want to do and whether what you currently are doing achieves that.

“How can I celebrate each day or the moments of my life?” When you ask this question, you notice the good things in your life and can mark the moments that uplift you.


Self-discovery helps build your personal brand

You may not think of the process of self-discovery as also being critical to building your spa or massage practice personal brand, but it is. Knowing who you help determine what your business is all about and what you bring to your clients, both of which affect your personal brand and appeal, says Katy Goshtasbi in “New Business Owners, Self-Discovery and Personal Branding.”

Goshtasbi says that you need to understand why you chose a particular career path and what aspect you want to pursue. You also need to ask yourself what market segment is most attractive to you, the type of people you want to work with, the environment you want to work in, and the networking paths you need to take.

Answering the questions Goshtasbi poses can help you decide the types of massage therapy – therapeutic, sports, or Thai Tabletop, to name a few- and skincare services you offer, the types of clients you want to work with, and the people you associate with to help attract clients and grow professionally.

The Internet offers other articles with suggested questions to help guide you through the process of self-discovery. It’s important to discover who you are, what makes you happy, and what contribution you want to make personally and professionally. When you do, you not only enhance your life, you bring more joy to serving your clients.


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