Never before has the competition in our industry been as great as it is today. That's why you need to stay up to date on the current trends that are driving the latest treatments and service offerings. This is where continuing education (CE) classes can be so beneficial, if not essential to national accreditation in some cases. Where you direct your continuing education will ultimately depend on your own personal interests and business opportunities. Whatever you decide, the benefits can be significant.


By learning new techniques, you can:

  • Become a specialist, which helps you differentiate yourself from the competition and secure more customers.
  • Add a new popular technique that is currently in vogue or add some variation to your service offering to attract and retain customers.
  • Gain more personal satisfaction. Some modalities and treatments will be of interest simply because they appeal to you at a more personal level.
  • Target a particular group that you want to work with, such as seniors or children.


You might be interested in two BIOTONE CE classes that our coming up. Our Spa Body Treatments class will teach you about popular new body treatment services found in leading day spas and resorts. Suited for a wet or dry room, with our easy step-by-step approach and hands-on learning, you immediately will be able to add these services to your current offerings to generate a new source of revenue. We're also offering a course on Athletic Massage where you will learn how to identify, recruit, and effectively work with athletes in this growing and exciting new field.

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