Adding custom blended oils to the massage experience is very popular with my clients. We start with a casual consultation where clients help me "create their synergy" based on what's going on in their life and their goals. Then I blend two oz of oil -- using about one ounce in the massage and sending the rest home.

I tend to blend by trinities (three oils at a time)A winter favorite is a blend of orange, lavender and sandalwood (24 drops total). The orange is for centering and is the top note so the client will be aware of it first. The next oil clients will notice - the middle oil - is lavender to aid them in calming. Finally, the sandalwood emerges; it's an oil that's been used for centuries to enhance meditation. The oils guide the client thru a full sensory experience. As a bonus, these oils also address dry skin, which is so prevalent during the winter months.

I conclude my winter massages with a hot hand towel on a trayJust steam hand towels with a water/ essential oil mix. My favorite right now is BIOTONE's Focus. Clients take several deep breaths and then wrap their hands in the warmth and are 'Focused.' What better way to prepare your clients to re-enter the world outside?

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