Tips for ringing up holiday sales at your spa or massage practice


As the season of “deck the halls” rapidly approaches, it should be all hands on deck when it comes to boosting your holiday sales. Now is a good time to get together with your team and put a plan in place to ring in holiday sales. Your spa or massage practice has a significant opportunity to boost revenue by booking appointments for specialty holiday treatments and massage and helping clients with their gift-giving by offering retail gift items and gift certificates designed with a holiday message.

Here are several suggestions to achieve your holiday sales goals:

Plan a calendar of content

Plan content for the next two months for your social media channels and blogs and step up the pace. Include at least two to three posts on your channels per week, focusing on treatments to rejuvenate the skin, so clients look their best at holiday parties and massage to relieve stress during this hectic time of year. Also, showcase holiday retail gift items. Since a picture says a thousand words, use images as much as possible as well as video. As an example, you might want to create a short video of your holiday gift items.


Promote gift certificates

Now is a good time to consider email marketing about your holiday gift certificates for family members, co-workers, business associates, and others.  But don’t stop there. Have several displays within your spa or massage practice promoting your certificates and ensuring your front desk team mentions the offering when a client checks out.  


Plan holiday specials

Offer a series of holiday-themed treatments and massage specials for Black Friday and other days leading up to the New Year. Treatments should include products that give off the season's scents, such as Pomegranate & Cranberry Hydrating Massage.


Focus heavily on retail

Retail could be a big part of your holiday revenue, so you’ll want to make sure your holiday selection is highly visible and merchandised in colorful displays with bold signage to gain the attention of clients. For starters, have enough product inventories on hand. Ensure one of your team members is always available to discuss retail product options and demonstrate proper use. Also, focus on add-on sales. For example, offer retail components of products used in treatments at a special price. Or a pair of retail products together. You could package an exfoliator and body butter in a specially wrapped holiday gift promotion.


Give clients a way to give back

Get involved with a local charity that is holding an event, such as a toy drive. Promote the event at your spa or massage practice and indicate a percentage of your sales will support the cause. Your clients will appreciate your generosity and welcome a chance to lend support.

Make the holidays a time for celebrating at your spa or massage practice by ringing up sales that call for a toast at the end of the year.

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