How to stay in the Present to Give your all to your Spa or Massage Practice Clients


Even with the best of intentions, it’s sometimes difficult to give every one of your spa or massage practice clients your undivided attention. You may have too much on your mind to give your client your absolute best. While it’s natural to check out from time to time, you don’t want your personal issues to get in the way of maintaining a connection with your clients throughout a session.


In “5 Ways to Unblock Your Mind,” Regina Tucker, licensed esthetician, professional beauty writer and business owner, offers some ways to remain focused on your clients when you have a lot on your mind. Among her suggestions:


Tap in at the Beginning of the Day

Nothing adds more to your stress, than having to rush to get things ready at work. If you feel tension when you get up in the morning, get to work early to give yourself more time to get things ready. Once you are prepared, allow yourself some quiet time to let your mind settle before you greet your first client.


Direct your Thoughts

Focus is the word. If your mind is beginning to wander, bring yourself back to the present. Tucker advises that you “ground yourself by paying special attention to the physical movements and motions you are performing on the client.”


Take a Break

Sometimes you just need to get away from work to relieve the pressure and tension that is keeping you from putting yourself 100 percent into giving a massage or skin treatment. Take the needed time for yourself to regroup and regain your energy. Here are some other ways to stay present when stress is pulling you in another direction:


Focus on your Breathing

Your breathing is actually a powerful and yet simple way to keep yourself rooted in the moment. Take deep breaths and focus on your breathing whenever you find it difficult to stay in the now.


Analyze your Thoughts

This is not necessarily something you can do while you are attending to clients, but do take time to think about what is troubling you. Your negative thoughts cause negative feelings If you have thoughts that are troubling you, examine them to find out what is behind them and if what you are thinking is really true. On examination, you may find that what you are thinking really isn’t correct or isn’t as bad as you initially thought.


Use Reminders

Reminders can help you stay focused. The reminder can be as simple as a wristband or ring. When you find your focus is shifting, return to the now by looking at your reminder.


These are just a few tips to keep you in the present. Your clients expect nothing less than the best service you can give. Stay in the moment to live up to their expectations.

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