Unsure How to Handle Requests for Donations from your Spa or Massage Practice? Here are some tips...


The season of giving will soon be upon us. As your spa or massage practice owner, you probably receive requests for donations throughout the year. However, deciding which ones to support can be challenging. After all, you are in a business that takes pride in its compassion. It’s not easy saying no, but the time, money, or resources – or all three – involved generally dictate that you can’t say yes to everyone and every organization that needs your support.


To guide your giving, it’s best to develop written guidelines. You may want to get your team involved so that everyone feels good about your policy. Your policy should start by identifying the types of programs and activities that align with your spa or massage practice values. You may want to donate to organizations that help women and children, support research for a specific medical condition, or help an underserved group in your community. Whatever you decide, focus the majority of your giving on that group or groups.


You also need to realistically determine how much time you and your team can donate to support the causes you identify. Budget is another issue. In some cases, your contribution may not involve a cash contribution, but the time away from your business can impact your bottom line. With your policy in hand, you can decide on the various giving options:


Donate Percentage of Sales

You may run a special retail promotion and donate a set amount of each sale to an organization or contribute a percentage of a massage or other body treatment cost. The effort also can serve as a way to promote or introduce clients to a new product or service.


Non Cash Contributions

Depending on the nature of the effort, you may be able to contribute your time to provide free massage to program recipients. You also could provide neck massage for a reduced fee, with the proceeds going to a special cause.


Direct Giving

You also can decide to write a check at the end of the year to support a special program or organization. In all cases, you’ll want to consult with your accountant to find out how your contributions should be handled from a tax standpoint. You’ll want to keep records of everything you donate.


Communicate your Giving Policy

Communicate the activities you participate in so that your clients and prospects know how you voluntarily serve the community. Talk about your involvement in your social media posts and add something to your website. By promoting your activities, you even may attract others to the cause.


Promoting your contributions and volunteerism will also make it easier to decline when you receive a request that doesn’t fit your giving profile. In declining, you can point to the work you do or contributions you already are making. You also may be able to refer an organization to another business associate – a supplier or vendor or co-marketing partner – who could be a good candidate for participation.


Also, make sure to wish the organization the best. You may even be able to offer a few suggestions to bolster their activity based on your experiences. And keep the door open. You may come in contact with an organization you want to support in the future.


Whatever you decide to give, you can be sure it will be well received.


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