Why it’s more important than ever to protect your spa or massage practice brand online


As if a bad review from a disgruntled client wasn’t enough of a concern, nowadays, spa and massage practice owners and managers need to be concerned about fake news. Anyone with a computer and a blog can craft a story to create controversy or spread a falsehood about someone else’s business. Even when the truth is presented, it can be difficult to undo the damage.

That’s why today, it’s even more important than ever to protect your brand online to continue to ensure that clients and prospects understand the advantages of your massage therapies or skincare treatments over competitors.

Here are some steps you’ll find to take to ensure that your brand continues to represent your value proposition online:


Monitor and Manage Reviews

It turns out that 88% of consumers read online reviews, whether on your site or such sites as Yelp or Google My Business, to determine the quality of a local business, according to a survey from BrightLocal, local SEO tools, and citation building company.  Furthermore, 39% read them regularly. By following reviews, you find out what areas of your business might need to change, whether customer service, treatment offerings, retail product options, and so forth. But don’t just read reviews, respond to them, and when necessary, make the positive changes clients and prospects ask for.


Have a Strong Social Media Presence

Use social media channels to keep clients and others up to date on your spa or massage business activities. In addition to talking about treatments, special promotions, or discounted services, talk about industry trends. Also, explain your various skincare treatments and massage therapies to help followers decide which ones best suit their needs. If you or someone on your team attends an industry seminar, talk about the knowledge gained to help clients. Include posts on self-care, identifying products you carry that can be part of a home skincare regime. Also, introduce team members so that followers can become familiar with their skills. 

In addition to providing information, monitor comments. If someone has a question, make sure to answer it. If someone makes a comment and it deserves a response, reply. You may want to reply in a message if you think the comment needs more one-on-one interchange. Also, review social sites for comments abo competitors and products. In this way, you will be prepared to address these issues proactively if needed.


Maintain A Blog

In addition to engagement on social channels, create a blog that can reside directly on your website to provide information about health, skincare, lifestyle issues, and industry trends. Providing quality content through a blog demonstrates that you are committed to the well-being of clients. You also may want to find opportunities to offer guest blogs on other sites of sports trainers, chiropractors, physical therapists, hairstylists, and other professionals that are appropriate for co-marketing to raise visibility for your expertise.


Seek Out Publicity

Another way to share your expertise and enhance your brand is to offer the news media commentary on trends that they may be covering relative to beauty care or complementary and alternative medical treatments.  Introduce yourself to editors via email or a call and indicate the areas where you are very knowledgeable and happy to provide background for stories. Send the news media press releases or emails about treatments or suggested gifts for special holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, to include in articles.

Managing and protecting your brand takes time, but in today’s environment, where anyone can take to the Internet and comment on your spa or massage practice, you want to be sure that they have nothing but positive things to say.


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