Practice What You Preach About Self Care


I don't have to tell you the massage therapy profession is physically demanding. I expect many of you know one or more massage therapists who had to leave the profession because they developed carpal tunnel or other repetitive strain injuries. The profession can be emotionally draining as well. Your clients depend on you to be part of their own wellness support system.


For your own sake and the sake of your clients, don't jeopardize your physical and emotional needs. Stay in touch with what your body and mind are telling you, and take care of yourself.



Exercise, eat properly and get enough rest.

Create The Appropriate Workspace

You want to have enough space around your table so you can move comfortably and maintain good body mechanics. Also, make sure your table height is appropriate to support good posture. A rule of thumb -- your table is at the proper height if you can sweep the middle of your thigh and lightly skim the table with your knuckles. (I got this from the article Setting up an ergonomic workspace for massage and bodywork).


Alternate Between Standing And Sitting

Standing is fatiguing to your leg muscles and lower back. Sitting allows you to rest your legs, but it also can put a strain on your lower back. During any treatment session, try to sit at least one-fourth of the time.


Get A Massage

Who better than you understand the value of massage to prevent injuries, relieve stress, and cleanse the body of toxins? Take the advice you give your own clients and try to get a massage once a week or at least every other week. Getting a massage also helps you learn new techniques or ways to modify your own.


Take Time Off

It would help if you had a break - everyone does. Even a day off can help you refresh. Suppose you set time to take a day off or a vacation stick with it. Don't cancel plans because of the last minute call from a client in need.


Set Boundaries

Don't let friends and families take advantage of your skills at their convenience. Have them schedule appointments just as you would with a client.


Maintain Your Positive Spirit

Meditation and quiet walks can help you get back to yourself and maintain your spirit. You may also want to consider keeping a journal to express your thoughts and feelings and learn more about yourself.


These are just some suggestions to help you maintain your good health and positive spirits. What tips do you have for taking good care of yourself?


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