Use Video to Market your Spa and Massage Practice Services


It may be time for you to get behind the camera for your spa massage marketing. A 2013 Video Marketing Survey and Business Video Trends Report found that among 600 marketing professionals surveyed, 93 percent use video as part of their marketing mix, and 82 percent reported that video has a positive impact on their business.


With YouTube now holding the number two spot among search engines globally, it’s no wonder marketers are increasingly employing video in their social media content and email and website marketing. Video increases engagement with target audiences. The use of video enhances your credibility because you can talk directly to your audiences as you showcase your expertise and explain the intent of the various services you provide. Most clients will find it easier to watch you perform a skin treatment or massage versus reading about it.


In addition to marketing your services, create short how-to videos to help your spa or massage practice come up in search engines to attract potential new clients. For example, you could create a video with tips on stretching or on how to create an ergonomically correct home office environment.


Fortunately, it doesn’t cost a lot to create a high-quality video these days. You can record quality video on your camera or smartphone as well as your home video camera.


Whatever videos you create, you can host them on YouTube or Vimeo, another community to store and distribute video content. Also, include the URL links from your videos to your website to build traffic and promote your videos in your other social media channels to gain likes and shares to expand your spa or massage practice visibility.


Create Effective Videos

In “Five tips on creating effective marketing videos,” video and digital media producer Farzad Wafapoor, recommends to ensure a quality video that engages your viewers:


Use a Microphone

Built-in microphones in cameras can pick up unnecessary background noise in your video. It’s worth the money to invest in a microphone that captures the sounds without distracting background noise.


Shoot in HD with Proper Lighting

1080p is acceptable quality for online videos. Consider the room lighting. In general, it is best to turn off all fluorescent lights and stick to traditional three-point lighting.


Tell a Story

Editing is the most crucial step of the process. Think about telling a story as you edit your video – avoid lecturing or a talking head. Wafapoor recommends not to get hung up with editing software issues. Pick any video editing software along, watch its tutorial and then focus on storytelling as you prepare your video.



Use to have blur-free photos.



Try to keep videos around two minutes for a longer one and not less than 30 seconds for shorter pieces. (Some tutorials may take as much as 5 minutes).


Also, your video needs a call to action (CTA). You can ask viewers to book an appointment, or you can offer a special promotion. Video without a CTA is a missed opportunity, especially if you want to generate business from it.


Seeing is believing, and that certainly applies to marketing your spa or massage practice. Try your hand at the video to engage with your clients and attract more business.

Check out the BIOTONE video channel on YouTube.


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