A Bar that guarantees every hour is Happy Hour


Mud and Scrub Bars are quickly becoming one of the ‘must-haves’ in resort spas. That is exciting because it is easily incorporated into any size operation, from the wellness office to the day spa. For one, I am so excited about adding this experience to my Spa Party Menu - Blending bars gone amok!


I have facilitated aromatherapy blending bars for decades, and I have even dabbled in including some muds and scrubs in the medium /base selections. But man, these mud and scrub bars have come into their own. They have moved to center stage, and aromatherapy is now the supporting cast. This Mud and Scrub Bar meets my yippee standard on so many levels. It is creative, therapeutic, easily organized, flexible, and it’s versatile. And let’s not forget it's gossip-worthy - Marketing rule # 134: Give them something to talk about!


The Spa Bar concept gets its versatility from the array of products you can feature. For example, let’s keep it basic and design one using Biotone Products exclusively. I would recommend this line because it is developed to be easy to work in a dry room and a wet environment. (After 20 years of teaching therapeutic spa, I can testify what a blessing this is) They also cover all the therapists’ needs in one line so that ordering and protocols are consistent. Mud and Scrub Bar:


Holy Trinity of Spa Muds


European Rose Spa Body Mud
Black Baltic Spa Body Mud
Firm-Sea Spa Body Mud
Contains natural sun-dried rose clay extracted from the Provence region of France. Infused with Alpha-Hydroxy Lactic Acid, Apricot and Wheat Amino Acids, Beta Glucan and Rosa Centifolia Organic silts are collected from deep underneath 30,000-year-old freshwater lakes in Eastern Europe. Promote detoxification, extract pore-clogging impurities, and improve skin texture. The rich concentration of algae, minerals, and vitamins derived from active seaweed varieties harvested off the Brittany Coast of France. For firming, stimulating, and toning.

Holy Trinity of Spa Exfoliators


Exfoliate-Sea Salt Glow
Micro-Buff Body Polish
Sugar Body Polish
Contains three different sizes of mineral-rich and therapeutic salts from the Dead Sea. Natural Luffa and a special blend of Jojoba, Avocado, Peach, and Sunflower oils replenish and soften skin. Creme-based with spherical Micronized Buffing Beads, natural Luffa, and Apricot Powder. Wheat, Apricot, and Alpha-Hydroxy Lactic Acid accelerate cell renewal. It contains brown and white sugar with firming hydration, protectors, and cleansers of Milk Proteins, Honey, Clover & Royal Jelly. Non-sticky and easy rinse-off.


A Whole Supporting Cast of Customizing Complexes

I recommend using the Spa complexes for the Spa Bar because there is something for everyone without overwhelming them with too many choices. You have mix and match selections without offering them all at once. For example, I usually feature the Signature line based on the season to generate a little sense of urgency and adventure.


Therapeutic - Healing Qualities
100% pure essential oils & botanical extracts.
Signature – Aromatic Experience
Herbal extracts with a burst of aroma
Detoxifying Milk and Honey - Winter
Firming Green Tea and Lime Leaf - Spring
Relaxing Mango and Mandarin Orange - Summer
Uplifting Pomegranate and Cranberry - Fall
Sore Muscle Relief Lavender and Calendula – Every day All Day


The Flexibility of the Spa Bar comes from how many ways you can let a client use it.

Blending bar – where they get to play in the mud and scrubs while customizing it, but have it professionally applied in the treatment room.

Self Service - for those who prefer to customize it and then self apply mud in the privacy of your sauna, steam, or treatment rooms. (Perfect for large groups, spa parties, and events.)


I have so many more ideas to give you, but I'm out of space. Let me know if you're interested, and I’ll continue the details in my next installment. In the meantime...


Do good work, Be well, and Write me about what inspiring ideas you come up with.

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