Make Sure Your Clients Know You Love Your Job


Getting up in the morning and going to work does not seem to be an issue for most of you. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. What I hear from so many of you at trade shows is how much you love your work especially because you feel you are making a difference.


But do you think your clients realize how much you love what you do? It’s something to consider. Your clients may be very satisfied with your service offering but do they know how passionate you feel about what you do? The spark you convey has a lot to do with why clients stay with you year after year. Your passion and enthusiasm inspires confidence not only in your expertise but in your commitment to provide your clients with the absolutely best service. Conveying your love for your work is something you can express in a conversation with your clients. There are other ways to demonstrate it.


Be positive. Even when you establish a good relationship with your client, you don’t want to share lots of negative perspectives or feelings. Be positive about what’s happening in the marketplace, about trends in the industry, and about your business should the issue come up.


Look professional. Comfort is king these days but you want to convey a professional appearance that shows your commitment.


Body posture says a lot. How you carry yourself and move with excitement and energy shows your enthusiasm for your work.


Focus on your clients and maintain eye contact. This shows that you really are interested in what your clients have to say and by the same token interested in their feedback when you tell them something about your service or recommend something to help them at home.


The voice says it all. No pun here. It’s not just what you say but how you say it. Keep a level of enthusiasm in your voice when you speak to clients. The tone of your voice conveys your energy. Don’t be monotone or let your volume trail off at the end.


If you find your passion waning somewhat after many years in your practice, take time to think about what you enjoy. Figure out how to incorporate that into your business. If you love decorating, for example, experiment with a new decor for your office and treatment room. If you have a cause you are passionate about, find a way to support it with your professional services. Your passion will boost your profits. Your clients will value your enthusiasm. It says you care about what you do and that translates into you caring about them.

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