Keeping It Green With Less Water Is Our Goal

I've lived in California my whole life and so I'm pretty familiar with droughts. Living next to the largest body of water is no help during water rationing. But such is life for those of us in the Golden State. We are at the mercy of a five-month rainy season, which doesn't always live up to its name.

For that reason, I've worried about having sufficient water long before we collectively went green. Nevertheless, the spa business - BIOTONE's business -is by its very nature a 'water' business. After all, the very word spa is associated with water treatments dating back to Roman Times. Tradition aside, some years ago, I made it my business to come up with skin treatment products that greatly reduced water usage.

While you don't need to say goodbye to your wet rooms, BIOTONE skin care treatment products give you a green option. We've formulated all of our exfoliants and muds to stay moist and not dry out. You can remove them with a warm, damp cloth in one or two passes at a considerable savings in water usage.

I'm most excited about the Body Lush Hydrating Wrap, which we introduced a little over a year ago. Because it's in the form of a balm, you can massage it right into the skin as a hydrating and soothing finishing product, saving not only water, but time and money as well. Many of you have been telling us how much you and your clients love the product - that's certainly worth its weight in water.

You might want to take a look at some of our treatment protocols, which show you exactly how to use our body product and remove them with moist towels or massage them into your clients' skin.

Here at BIOTONE, we're always on 'water alert'. It's a good idea to follow these basic conservation tips both at home and at work. It saves water, energy, and money, and every drop saved is worthwhile.

  • Have timers to turn off equipment and lights when not in use
  • Make sure new equipment is water and energy efficient
  • ALWAYS turn off water when not in use - a special reminder to myself when I'm in the middle of new product formulation.
  • Read the meter and pay attention to water bills. Knowing how much water you are using quickly gets you to conserve more.

No doubt the planet is going to continue to challenge us to be better caretakers. I'm in and I expect you are too.

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