How to Keep Spa and Massage Clients on your Side


How many of your spa or massage practice customers do you consider loyal? In “Customer Loyalty: What it is, Why it Matters and How to Activate it,” Donovan Dillon asserts that customer loyalty is more than just someone’s preference for dealing with one business over another. As he writes, Loyalty is a currency that has value beyond someone availing themselves of your services or buying your products. Donovan says that the overall benefits of customer loyalty can be significant, including:


  • Customer retention – loyal customers, don’t leave
  • Repeat business – you get more business from your existing customers
  • Word of mouth marketing – it’s not only low/no cost and most persuasive
  • Bottom line improvement – increased revenue, reduced acquisition cost, which results in improved profits
  • More meaningful feedback – customers provide insights that allow quick identification of problems and opportunities
  • Competitive advantage – real customer relationships provide you with goodwill, the benefit of the doubt, and other intangibles that are hard to displace


Considering how important client loyalty is to your spa or massage practice, you want to make sure that your clients never feel that you take them for granted. Here are some steps you can take to keep clients on your side:


Let Clients Know You Value Their Business

Please don’t assume that your clients know you value them, so tell them. Periodically send your clients an email or a direct mail conveying your gratitude for their ongoing business and offer them something special – a gift or a discount for a massage or skin treatment.


Ask Clients for Input

Even when a relationship is good, there may be some things that can be made better. Ask your clients for input on ways you could improve service or make things more convenient for them to do business with your spa or massage practice.


Fix Problems head On

If something happens – you’re running late, and a client needs to wait, or you can sense they aren’t satisfied with the treatment or don’t like a product you are using – talk about it and let clients know how you plan to fix things in the future.


Go Above and Beyond

It pays to go above and beyond for clients – whether it’s accommodating their schedule, exploring treatments for special problems they have, or providing them with recommendations for a special diet or exercise that would help a condition.


Keep Your Word

If you say you are going to do something for a client, make sure you do it. If, for some reason, you can’t explain why.


Make It Personal

Sending cards on special holidays, thanking clients for their business or having their favorite coffees or teas on hand, or remembering their birthday or anniversary helps build a bond.


Once you get clients on your side, work to keep them there. Their loyalty will pay huge dividends.

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