2010 has finally arrived, and if you're like other therapists, you're not sad 2009 has come and gone. Last year was tough for many of us. Good planning and determination are more important than ever to ensure that 2010 isn't the same.


Whether you work alone or own a spa, the key to success is constantly attracting new clients and retaining the ones you have. Client satisfaction is always important, but how do you guarantee that someone else couldn't satisfy them more? What do you offer that other therapists don't? If you don't know the answer, you should!


As you make your business plan for 2010, consider the following questions:


  • Do you offer clients rewards for repeat visits, pre-booking appointments, or referring to their friends?
  • Do you offer student, military, or senior discounts?
  • Do you use quality products?
  • Do you sell retail products?
  • Do you know what populations find your services valuable?
  • Have you invested in quality educational offerings for yourself and/or your employees?
  • Do you provide specialty services such as medical massage, lymphatic drainage massage, or dry room spa services?
  • Do you accept a variety of payments - Visa, MasterCard, Auto, and Medical Insurance?
  • Do you know what differentiates you from your completion? Have you created an environment, both physical and relational, that clients look forward to revisiting?
  • Do you promote your business - email newsletter, paper mailers, passing out business cards, network groups, and/or affiliations with other businesses?

If your answer to any of these questions is "no," ask yourself, "why not?" If the answer is "yes," ask yourself, "How has this benefited my business?" The answers to these questions can help you determine what is and is not working for your business and uncover opportunities you may be missing.


Over the next months, I plan to expand on each of these questions and help you attain success today and in the future.

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