Is Product Overuse Costing you Money?

One of the more overlooked areas for cutting costs is product usage. Profitable product usage is not about buying the least-expensive products. It involves three things:


  1. Avoid waste by monitoring usage and pre-measuring products.
  2. Research and compare the cost-effectiveness of products.
  3. Evaluate how much product is needed for each client based on the service.


The goal is not to cut down on the amount but to use the right amount.

Monitor Usage

Set aside a period of time – one to two weeks might be enough - to carefully monitor how much of the product you, or staff members are applying if you have a team. The goal is not to cut down on the amount but to use just the right amount needed for a particular modality.


Pre-measuring required product treatment amounts and storing them ready for use, generally for up to a week, is a good way to avoid overuse. Pre-measuring cuts waste and saves time since you don’t have to interrupt the treatment to measure the product.


Determine Product Cost Effectiveness

To determine a product’s cost-effectiveness, divide your bulk cost by the recommended measurement per treatment. Compare several products against a specific treatment. If you have to reapply the product several times, you may find that it is more cost-effective to apply it in a larger amount than several smaller amounts.


Product Amount + Treatment + Client Need = The Winning Formula

Consider what works best for a client’s particular skin type or condition. If your client has an abundance of hair, considerable physical mass, or dehydrated skin, the treatment may require more than the usual amount of product. Keep notes, so you are always prepared with just the right amount for each client.


Keep in mind that clients don’t want to remove the product before putting their clothes back on. Consider how much slip the product gives in relation to the specific service and how completely it is absorbed. If the product is still sitting on the client’s skin when you are done, you’ve used too much.


Make sure your products and profits go hand in hand with your treatment. With careful monitoring, selection, and application, they will.

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