AMTA or Bust!


In a few weeks, hundreds of massage therapists will flock to Portland, Oregon, for this year’s American Massage Therapy Association’s (AMTA) National Convention. I am so excited to be joining BIOTONE at the convention, where participants will have more options than they have time. Whether browsing the convention hall to learn about the newest, latest, and greatest in massage product offerings, getting educated by some of the best-known names in the massage industry, or participating in one of the umpteen numbers of networking opportunities available at the convention, attendees are sure to have a great time!


If you are in the convention hall, make sure to stop by the BIOTONE booth # 407, where I will be giving product demonstrations full of awesome massage techniques, tips, and tricks (it is getting close to Halloween, after all). Come by early and sign up to be one of my demo models. If you haven’t already heard, BIOTONE released the NEW Controlled Glide Massage Creme a few months ago. This product is phenomenal for lymphatic, fascial, and deep tissue work. I can’t wait to hear everyone’s rave reviews at the convention when I show what it can do for therapists!


You can’t go wrong with the AMTA’s educational lineup. With presenters such as Whitney Lowe, Felicia Brown, James Waslaski, Ben Benjamin, and Ann Catlin, you are guaranteed to have plenty of food for thought. That is assuming you signed up early since many, although not all, of the courses offered, are already sold out.


If you are headed to the convention, you don’t want to miss the Facebook Meet and Greet at Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery on Thursday Night. This event originally popped up last year at AMTA’s National Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and gained momentum with a repeat gathering in Atlanta at the American Massage Conference. Therapists from all over the country who have developed relationships on Facebook but have never met face to face get the opportunity to shake hands, share stories and raise a glass. It really is quite an experience.


I will certainly be there in Oregon and look forward to the future facebook Meet and Greets scheduled at the Canadian Massage Conference in Burlington, Canada, this November and at the American Massage Conference in San Diego, CA 2012.


Are you headed to Portland? Why have you chosen to attend?