If anything can be healed with Saltwater, here are three ways to provide it

“Anything can be healed with saltwater- sweat, tears, or the sea.” This is a quote that is trending very strong right now. It is also my 2015 mantra. If you follow my blog at all, you may already know that every year I pick a phrase and/ or word that guides me in my personal and profession journey for the year. Last year it was a polish proverb “Not my circus, not my monkeys” (You cannot imagine how many times that mantra came in handy.) Now if you may be wondering how this mantra is going to influence my massage practice, I’m so glad you asked.

For one thing I have been studying a lot about the benefits of mineralization in the body and salt in particular (another hot trend). I have decided to offer clients “Sole Water” in my reception room. This is simply a Himalayan Salt infusion for health and wellness. There are traditionally recognized benefits from drinking Sole and there have even been some more recent studies on some of them such as being effective in helping to stabilize pH, oxidative Stress numbers in the human body and increased hydration. There are tons of sources for information and how to’s on the internet but one that closely follows how I prepare it is on the blog wellnessmama.com. It’s not difficult or expensive to prepare but it has definitely piqued my clients’ interest already.

My 2015 addition to my treatment room is that I am featuring salt glows, especially for the winter months. Salt glow is salt in an oil base. I love BIOTONE’s Exfoli-Sea Salt Glow. Salt glows are a wonderful way to keep the skin from becoming dried out and itchy. They are also a great add on to clients who are spray tanning in the winter, it helps keep their skin glowing (thus the name). I use the salt glows as an enhancement to a massage session and I also offer a wellness package that includes: salt glow, a hot herbal wrap, and massage. If you have hydro-tubs or steam you can utilize those as well. I like to add the heat so that clients get to experience a little bit of the sea and the sweat. Glows are also a perfect localized treatment for torso, hands and feet. Leave the product on as long as you can, covered in moist heat. That way the client gets the full benefit of mineralization. Hint: For localized treatments you can add a little of BIOTONE’s Dual Purpose to the mix to make it stick better and not flake off.

In honor of the spirit of the sea I am also featuring protocols that utilize BIOTONE’s Firmi-Sea Body Mud as a treatment modality – it provides all the benefits of seaweed without all the mess. Localized treatments, body wraps, and massage medium. Yes I said massage medium. Hint: Use it as a masque and then when you un-wrap the client, instead of wiping it off, rub it in. (maximum Return on Investment)

There are so many other beneficial and creative ways to incorporate this mantra, but alas I am out of space will have to leave you thinking of some interesting protocols of your own.

Oh by the way you may be wondering what happened to the “tears” facet of the quote– Here’s wishing you nothing but tears of joy!

Be well, Do good work, and write us about your 2015 focus
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