Changing Things Around at your Spa or Massage Practice Starts with the First Step


As 2015 gets underway, you may be feeling the pressure to jump on something that needed changing but, for any number of reasons, put off doing anything about it. Maybe you were too busy, or another opportunity came up that diverted your attention. But now it’s the New Year and time to get on with things, especially those that help you move your spa or massage practice to that next critical level of growth.


Take the First Step

Oftentimes change starts with one simple action. For example, you may want to start more aggressive marketing about massage – and even select skin treatments – to a male audience. Getting marketing off the ground to the opposite sex may mean first assembling a list of male customers who have stopped in once or twice over the years and reaching out to them via email or mail. If you don’t have enough names, let your female clients know that you’ve put men on the menu with special massage for sore muscles from sports activities and ask for their help in getting out the word. If retail sales haven’t been moving and the cause is a lackluster selection and display, ring in the news by contacting the suppliers of your back bar products and seeing what’s new for retail.—aromatherapy is in. Once you take that first step to change things, the rest of the activities start to fall into place.


Avoid Distractions

Also, along the way of changing things, don’t get distracted and get off course. Turn your smartphone off, so you don’t reply immediately to calls or text messages. Set aside a certain time of day to get back to people. Schedule meetings with your team and avoid getting pulled in a lot of different directions by others' needs. If your desk looks like a battleground, try organizing things so they are easier to find the help you feel more in control.


Try Something Different

It may be time to try something new. The way you did things in the past may no longer work. Your interests may have changed; client needs may be changing, there may be more competition than before – whatever the reason, take a critical look at the situation and decide if there’s a better way. If you don’t have the answers, talk to business associates and other professionals for suggestions.


Be Easy on Yourself

Finally, don’t pressure yourself. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your spa or massage practice doesn’t need to change in one either. Stay calm to stay focused and in charge. You may feel doubts about your new course of action, but that’s natural since it’s new. Don’t second guess yourself. If you have a plan in place that is sound, you’ll succeed.


Make today the day you take that first step toward the change you want.


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