Get the Right Clients for your Spa or Massage Practice


Do you have clients you absolutely love and look forward to the time you spend with them at your spa or massage practice? The reason why some clients stand out above others in your practice will vary but imagine what it would be like if all – or almost all – of your clients fit your ideal profile. You may favor some clients because you enjoy their company on a personal level. Others may contribute to your professional growth because their needs evolve, which challenge you professionally to keep up. There are others who are so very appreciative of your efforts that they heap praise on you and are equally generous in spreading the word about your services to their network.


While the realities of business are such that you probably can’t only serve clients who mesh with you and help you achieve your professional best, you don’t have to work with anyone and everyone who comes through your door. In fact, clients who don’t value you or are difficult to work with ultimately don’t serve your spa or massage practice well. They may end up causing problems internally with your team or by airing their grievances publicly on and off line.


Identify Ideal Clients

To get more of your ideal clients on your roster, start by creating a list of all the qualities you desire in a client. It can be as fundamental as, “they show up on time and pay promptly” to “they have a great sense of humor.” Create another list of qualities that trouble you, such as “they are rude,” or “they complain all the time.” Compare current clients against your lists. You may not be ready to weed out the undesirable clients, but as you build up more clients who fit your ‘wish list,” you may be able to decouple from them.


Expand Your Connections

Start networking to find the clients that fit your ideal profile. Attend professional organizations in your community, volunteer with groups, have meaningful conversations with others over social media in which you share your values, and ask favored clients for referrals to their friends and other associates. The key is to be proactive in making connections that will lead like-minded clients to your spa or massage practice.



Work with other service providers who have clients who could user your services. Find out who they like working with and see if it matches your criteria. Reach out to those potential clients through direct mail or email marketing to introduce the services of your spa or massage practice. Possibly offer an introductory massage or an exfoliation or wrap at a discounted price.


Create Customized Packages

Attract the kind of clients you want to your practice with customized packages. If you enjoy providing a type of massage or skin treatments, build packages around these offerings and market them to boost new bookings.


You can’t just hope the right clients find you. Be proactive about looking for them. Over time, you’ll have the kind of clients you cherish and the feelings will be mutual.


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