Why going with the flow can be a winning strategy for your spa or massage practice


It’s midway through the year. Are things going as you planned for your spa or massage practice?  Even if the business is generally doing well, maybe you haven’t met all the goals that you hoped to achieve by now. Possibly you hoped to increase your client roster by 10 new clients or add new skincare treatments to expand your service menu.  At times like this, rather than stress because you haven’t met your first half of the year targets, allow yourself to go with the flow. The Chinese Philosopher Lao Tzu said:


“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be a reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”


Learning to go with the flow doesn’t mean that you don’t set goals or put plans to grow your spa or massage practice. However, sometimes it’s fine to let things take their natural course, which may turn out to be for the best.  Possibly, you’ve decided you’d like to bring in a partner or affiliate to help you grow the business.  You might have someone in mind whose skillset could greatly enhance your offering, but you recognize that you have differences in style and philosophy about how to grow. In that case, don’t try to force-fit the partnership or compromise your business values or ethics.


Instead, put that plan on the back burner until you find exactly the right person or else come up with a different strategy for growth.  You may rather bring on a new employee who has skills for sports medicine, which is a service you had not previously considered but could greatly enhance your revenue. Or you might find someone who has a specialty in massage for seniors or pregnant women, other areas that could help grow your client roster.


If you find “going with the flow” is uncomfortable since you generally like to feel more in charge, here are three tips for letting things happen naturally:


Let go of control:  This may be easier said than done, but once you realize that you can’t control everything, a great weight will be lifted from your shoulders, and you’ll be surprised at how naturally some things work out.  Keep telling yourself to “let go” and don’t try to wrap everything up in neat packages.


Keep things in perspective:  Step back from a situation when you start to feel frustrated or even angry.  Take a deep breath and get perspective. The situation might not be as bad as it seems, or it may be something that easily can be remedied.  For example, if one of your team fails to place an order and you find you are running low on some popular retail products, find out what happened before jumping to any conclusions about the employee’s performance. Have them call the supplier to see how quickly the order can be refilled and develop a plan to take client orders and have products shipped out.


Put your ego aside:  Instead of getting frustrated, try changing your mood. If there is a situation where a client is uncooperative, let them have their way (unless this becomes an ongoing problem). Be as agreeable as possible, and show that you can be cooperative and helpful. Doing so helps the situation go more smoothly.


Remember, life has an ebb and flow. Learn to go along for the ride at times, and find yourself feeling less stressed and more at peace.

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