7 ways to boost social media content to engage spa and massage practice followers


By now, those of you who are actively engaged in social media to boost your spa or massage practice know that keeping content fresh takes work.  The amount of likes, shares, and comments lets you know if you are engaging with followers and providing content that they find entertaining, interesting, and educational. Since your social strategy goal is to drive customers and prospects to your website to book or call for appointments or to order retail products, you need a constant stream of post content that resonates with followers and inspires them to action.


Here are seven ways to easily keep content fresh that you might not have considered

Ask creative and funny questions

One of the best ways to get people to interact is by asking them a question. While you want to know what treatments and products they like, throw in a fun question from time to time. For example, you might ask, “What was a question you were afraid to ask when you had your first massage?”


You might want to tie in famous quotations for holidays or special events and ask followers if they have their own favorite quotation that they’d like to add.

Keep up with the news

It’s pretty challenging to keep up with the volume of news available online, so it stands to reason some of your fans may miss important updates as it relates to what’s happening in the world of massage and spas. Set your Google Alerts or other news monitoring tools to subjects you know your followers would find of interest and build posts around them, including your own perspective.

Use lists

You might want to make a list of “5 at-home steps to make treatments last longer in-between visits” or “10 ways to be good to your skin.” Make sure to include imagery with the content.

Write post-event summaries

If you have a special event at your spa or massage practice – possibly something from Valentine’s Day – create content around it and add images. It will help promote your event if you plan to do it again.

Do a series of “did you know.”

You can create a series of "did you know” posts focused on industry stats, information on ingredients in products, recommendations, or more.

Set the record straight

If there is some controversy brewing about a type of treatment or whether it’s appropriate for a particular condition, set the record straight. Then ask for questions to make sure your followers don’t have lingering doubts.


These are just some ideas for expanding your content. Some of them won’t take much time at all. You’ll find that your followers will appreciate your efforts to keep content lively and interesting and hopefully show their appreciation with a “share” as well as alike, which can result in more new business coming your way.

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