Five Signs your Spa or Massage Business Website Needs a Facelift


When is the last time you updated your website? If it’s more than three years – five at the most – your spa or massage business website probably needs an update. It’s not just the look and feels; the content may be out of date. We’re constantly revising to feature our latest information about our offerings. Hopefully, you’ve also noticed that we changed our appearance to reflect the latest web design trends: large images, more white space, and centered elements to create balance.


Considering your website's importance to build your brand and your credibility as a quality organization, you want to make sure your site doesn’t look dated. An outdated site can cost you potential new clients and lost sales if you sell retail online.


Following are five signs that it’s time to refresh your website:


    • You have to “Enter” the Site
      Click to enter may be sending visitors in the opposite direction. I never really saw the benefit of asking your visitors to do this. Also, the page does nothing to help you with search engines.


    • Content is Old

      Providing high-quality content is the number one goal of your site. Content should be relevant, interesting, engaging, and easy to find. Review your content and remove anything out of date. If you don’t have time to update your content to include articles, a blog, videos, or infographics, find a freelance web writer (there are many) who can help.


    • Graphics are Distracting

      Graphics should draw attention to the content, not distract the visitor from it. It’s time for a change if the graphics are old and the layout is not uniform.


    • Content is Left

      In the past, web information had a left-sided orientation. The trend in today’s web design today, as I noted above, is to center information. That goes for menu bars as well.


  • Lacks Support for Smartphones and Tablets

    A site over three years old didn’t consider the explosive use of smartphones and tablets for web access. The key to a new design is to make sure your site is responsive to whatever device your visitors use.

It’s a competitive market. Please don’t make it easy to lose clients and customers to the competition because your website gives off the wrong message. Provide clients with the same pleasant and engaging experience on your website they’ve come to expect when they walk in your door.

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