Fighting the Good Fight for Breast Cancer Awareness


While progress is being made in the fight against breast cancer, the challenge continues. That's why I believe it's so essential to support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in any way we can - through funding and activities that raise public awareness about the ongoing fight to save lives.


I am enormously proud that the massage industry and the work of so many professionals have brought great comfort to breast cancer patients and help combat disease. In 2003, BIOTONE helped to fund critical research conducted by the Touch Research Institute of the University of Miami School of Medicine that indicated massage increases the number of killer cells known to destroy cancer cells in women with breast cancer. The result was enhanced patient immune functionality.


Over the years, BIOTONE has continued to support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month through special promotions, with a percentage of sales going to support the Susan G. Komen fund. Our support continues today by keeping our ears tapped into events and organizations that can best benefit from our involvement. This year we have expanded our support to include the Council of Community Clinics, which provides centralized support services to 16 member community clinics and health center organizations operating nearly 100 sites in San Diego, Imperial, and Riverside Counties with an emphasis on low income and uninsured populations. BIOTONE donated $5,000 to help fund diagnostics, including mammograms, biopsies, and ultrasounds, to help women who cannot afford to have these services have access to them and the benefit of improving their health outcomes.


You can support the cause in your own organization by hosting an event. Consider, for example, setting aside one day to donate a portion of each message to an organized national or local supporting the fight. You also might want to invite a local artist or jeweler to sell their work, with a portion going to fight breast cancer. Talk to your team and come up with the idea that has visibility and can help raise funds.


Also, have information on hand on how women can do their own breast exams at home since early detection is still so critical.


National Breast Cancer Awareness Month brings women - and men - together. Everyone knows someone affected by the disease. Let's join together to continue the good fight! Commit to doing something within your practice to support this important, life-saving effort.



If you have already planned something, let us hear about it. The more ideas we share, the more we will accomplish this month and in the future.

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