Inspiration Naturally


I promised we would further explore practical ways to take advantage of the current spa trends, including "inspiration by nature." This is one of my favorites since I am a big advocate of the guiding principles of "Sense of Place." Sense of Place is an architectural term that describes how a space relates to it's surrounding environment and therefore how a person feels when they are there. It is a very important consideration. One sure way to accomplish this is making sure everything our client feels, tastes, hears, smells and sees coincides with the natural rhythms of the seasons.


Since I am currently focused on Fall, my hot stones are back with a twist called Stix and Stones massage. The stones are heated by steam from a delicious smelling pomegranate and cranberry tea bouquet (which by the way is the same tea offered as refreshments to my clients).


My featured spa treatments incorporate Biotone's spa complex Pomegranate and Cranberry along with a smidgen of pumpkin oil. All which are fall favorites and known for their ability to support wellness. I use them in all of my cool weather superstars such as: heated back, foot and scalp treatments as well as an antioxidant aromatherapy wrap.


My display backdrops are a combo of river stones, fall leaves, and an assortment of fall icons: pomegranates, cranberries, pumpkins (sound familiar?). I am also featuring Biotone's Pomegranate and Cranberry retail line which supports the benefits my clients receive in my treatment room and just so happens to be their number one best sell.


What favorite quote have you used or come across that's worth passing along?


My display quote for this month:

"Nature consoles us for our loss of summer floral with the abundance of fall fruit."


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