It’s a good time for your spa or massage practice. Desire for wellness is driving spa market growth


Getting and staying healthy is fueling growth in the U.S. spa market.  The “Spa Market in the U.S. 2016-2020” report just released by market research firm Technavio forecasts the U.S. spa market will grow at a CAGR of more than 5 percent over the next four years. The firm found that consumers increasingly seek weight management and nutrition consulting and massage for relaxation and pain relief to help them maintain their physical and mental well-being.

Also, of note is the increasing trend toward customized treatments to enhance treatment results.

Help ease client pain

These are beneficial findings to factor into your spa and massage practice growth plans. Relative to therapeutic massage, you should heavily promote these services through your website and social media to reach clients who need relief from the discomfort of an aching back or to ease the pain from an injury or a chronic condition. Also, for the next few summer months, lots of people will be pushing their physical limit running, biking, golfing, or engaging in some other outdoor activity that may lead them to your door.

To help ease client pain, BIOTONE offers two therapeutic massage lubricants. Relaxing Therapeutic Massage Creme is made from certified organic botanicals, most notably organic lavender, which helps slow the nervous system, ease stress, and promote relaxation. Its other natural ingredients include Passion Flower to promote tranquility and Melissa (Lemon Balm, an anti-viral herb that helps calm nerves and reduces tension.

BIOTONE Muscle & Joint Therapeutic Creme and Gel utilize naturally healing ingredients to provide the ultimate massage to relieve sore joints and aching muscles. The Paraben-Free products contain therapeutic ingredients such as Arnica, Quince, Burdock, Lemon Bioflavonoids, Glucosamine Sulfate, and Jojoba Oil to reduce inflammation promote healing. The Gel is ideal for sore joints; the Creme offers muscle and joint recovery benefits for maximum sports massage effectiveness.

Promote personalization

As I just wrote about in “Make customer appreciation a focus at your spa or massage practice,” one size doesn’t fit all. According to Technavio, spas recognize this. Some provide treatment variations and mix-and-match services to meet specific client skincare or therapeutic needs.

Meet client specialized needs to feel and look good with a massage followed by an add-on skin treatment, such as a full-body exfoliation using BIOTONE Micro-Buff Body Polish or Exfoli-Sea Salt Glow or a wrap with  Body Luxe Hydrating Wrap.

Customization can even extend beyond the treatment. Some spas and massage practices create unique experiences for their clients by enabling them to book blocks of time instead of specific services. During this time, they can create a treatment that is all their own – from the music to the products and even to the room temperature.

Getting to know a client’s needs is the first step to a customized experience, and that process should begin when clients call in by asking questions to determine what services will be best. This will not only help you determine the best treatment, but it may also influence what therapist you choose for the session, further ‘customizing’ the experience.

The future looks bright for the spa and massage industry. Make sure you take advantage of the opportunity with the right services and getting out the right message.

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