Why you want to Toot your own Horn about your Spa or Massage Practice


Who doesn’t love a compliment? Not only does having a client say something good about you –online or in-person– a glowing approval of your service helps to promote your spa or massage practice. But you don’t always have to wait for someone else to sing your praises or shed light on your proficiency. It’s perfectly acceptable to “toot your own horn” about your capabilities and achievements to gain more recognition for your business. You want to do it in a way that doesn’t sound boastful but helps to convey your expertise in a particular area, whether it’s a type of massage – Swedish, deep tissue, aromatherapy, sports, pregnancy, or one of the other types– or revitalizing skin treatment.


There are perfectly acceptable ways to make clients and prospects aware of your skills and accomplishments to instill confidence in your spa or massage practice and help attract and build a business. In fact, most clients expect some measure of self-promotion because it confirms their good judgment about working with you.


Here are ways to promote your spa or massage practice to let clients, prospects, potential employees, and other referral sources, including business partners, vendors, and service providers, know capabilities and when you have achieved something extraordinary:


Distribute a Newsletter

A monthly or bi-monthly newsletter that talks about your latest service offerings are a great way to let clients and prospects know what you provide and what sets your spa or massage practice apart from others. Try to include testimonial quotes from clients to give even more credibility to your skills and expertise. The newsletter can also feature special treatments you are offering as well as retail promotions. Include in the newsletter your support for charitable organizations your spa or massage practice is involved in.


Always have a Business Card on Hand

Make sure to have plenty of business cards on hand wherever you go. Whether you attend a local business function or a social event, you want to be sure that people remember you. One of the best ways is to leave your card with them. Make sure your card has your website and social media addresses on it.


Write a Book or Author an Article

You have a lot of expertise, so why not share it? You can easily produce an e-book these days on various types of massage or skin treatments and their value. Your book can include tips on home skincare and good health practices. An alternative to an e-book could be an article that you submit to a health or woman’s magazine. Once the article is published, include a PDF or link to an online version on your website and also promote the article on your social media pages.


Speak at a Conference

Another way to promote your expertise is to participate in a panel or conduct a trade show or conference seminar. Let your clients and prospects, and business associates know about your participation via email and social media posts. Even after the conference, you can post a YouTube video of your presentation and provide a link to your followers to showcase your expertise.


Promote an Award

There are probably several small business awards programs in your community. Entering your spa or massage practice is a good way to highlight your talents and business achievements. If you win, showcase the award in your establishment with a plaque if provided, send out a press release to local business editors and promote the award on your social media channels.


Spread the News

You don’t need to wait to win an award to spread good or exciting news about your spa or massage practice. Anytime you do something unique and newsworthy – expand your business; offer a service targeted to a special need or tied to a holiday; or partner with another company, trade group, or not for profit organization – let local media know about it through a press release or call to the appropriate editor or broadcaster.


Start a Discussion in Social Media Channels

You can showcase your knowledge and expertise by starting a discussion on a social media channel such as LinkedIn. If you have a topic you particularly want to promote, post your comment, and ask others for input.


Don’t be shy about your accomplishments and know-how. Letting your marketplace know about what’s going on at your spa or massage practice and share your knowledge to increase your visibility and credibility and attract more clients.

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