What it takes to make your Spa or Massage Practice clients Love your Brand


Just as there is a difference between having a date and dating someone, so is there a difference between clients who drop in periodically for a massage or skin treatment and those who feel connected to your spa or massage practice. The difference could be described as like versus love. While you want everyone who walks through the doors of your establishment to leave satisfied, what you really want are clients who would never think of looking elsewhere and who sing your praises to everyone they know.


So how do you get clients to love your brand? First, you need to understand that your way of doing business and the service and products you offer may not be for everyone. Think of it as Starbucks versus Peet’s Coffee & Tea. You can have customers lining up on either side of the aisle when it comes to who best serves their coffee cravings.


In “How to Make Your Customers Fall in Love with Your Brand,” Marla Tabaka writes that you need to start by understanding who you are. You can’t go about forging a strong relationship with clients if you don’t know what sets you apart from the others. Next, you need to identify your ideal client – the one for whom your offering is the perfect match. To find that ‘ideal client’ requires listening and engaging with clients to determine “the compelling emotional space in which your brand can differentiate itself.”


Keep The Love Alive

Once you identify who your best client type is, there are several things to do to establish the relationship and keep it going strong.


Start by Listening

Find out what matters to your clients. Ask them about your offerings as well as your customer service. Please encourage them to make suggestions about ways your spa or massage practice could serve them more conveniently. As an example, online booking capabilities may be preferable to call for appointments. Possibly clients could book more sessions if you offer longer hours some days.


Don’t Limit the Conversation to in Person.

Use your social media channels to gain input and comments. Post questions about the marketplace, ingredients, types of at-home products, and more to find out what clients think and their preferences. Consider surveying your website.


Enhance your Customer’s Lives

It may sound ambitious, but you can enhance your clients’ lives in ways beyond the therapies you provide. Offer advice about health, exercise, and diet. Encourage your clients to take a break if they need one. Be a sounding board and never be judgmental. Your clients will look forward to their sessions not only for the healing aspects of skin-enhancing benefits but also for the friendship they have with you.


Strengthen the Bond

Show your clients that you value them with special loyalty programs, gifts with purchase, special treatment, or product discounts. When you make them feel special, you strengthen the commitment to your brand.


Address Problems Head-on

There are bound to be misunderstandings with clients, or expectations may not be met. Encourage clients to let you know when something has gone wrong and do what you can to fix or change the situation. Don’t let one incident tarnish admiration and affection for your brand.


Be Consistent

Setting expectations and fulfilling them is what makes your clients trust in your brand. Don’t disappoint them. When clients love your brand, they stay with you for years. Keep the emotional connection going and keep clients coming back.



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