Celebrating our Contribution in Men‘s Wellness


June is all about the men in our lives and keeping them on the top of their game.  Not only does it contain Father’s Day, but there is also Men’s Health Week.  This month offers a great way to emphasize how important they are to us for those of us who already have male clientele.  For those of you who want to attract more of this growing market, here is your chance to do so safely and professionally.

It’s a little tricky for female therapists to market to men due to our profession's high jacking by the sex trade. A wellness and health campaign is the perfect way to do so in a targeted and safe way.  I was actually very excited to find how much support is available to promote wellness for men.  I’ve included several in this blog.   I already have an approximately 40% percentage of male clientele for two reasons:  My primary focus is on supporting aging athletic adults to continue being active for as long as they wish.  The other reason is that since I am a referral only. Many wives, daughters, sisters, mothers, etc., refer me to the men in their life.  I love the client retention that it brings to my practice.

Special Promotion Menu: Day spas offer a variety of services specifically geared to attract male clients.  Cinder Fella; Brotox; Spa…ran;  Bro Glow; Pampered Pop; Dads Delight; Nature / Outdoor Man; and Relax Man are just a sampling of some of the marketing terms I have seen.  In my experience, the most popular added value treatments to a male client’s massage focus on the scalp, back, and feet.  Coming on strong is facial and full body exfoliation.   You can easily offer a package incorporating one or all of these options. Biotone has quite a few protocol suggestions on their website. I recommend:


Aromatherapy Scalp Treatment

Energy Boost

Fire and Ice

Purifying Back Treatment

Ready Set Goal

Rock Sole Foot Massage

Trigger Point Pedi

Specialty Menus or Gift Certificate packages are ideal for this time of year.  Dad doesn’t need another tie; he needs a reason to loosen it!

Retail Promo Special:  I love Polar Lotion for summer, male clients, and active adults.  This is a perfect time to stock up and make it your retail promo special.

Lagniappe (complimentary): Incorporate a 5 min back glow into every massage.  1 oz of Sea Salt Glow with 10 drops of a detoxifying or relaxing aromatherapy synergy.  It is guaranteed to make your male clients feel appreciated.   Remove with warmed towels and continue with the torso massage.

Wellness Education:  Men’s Health Week is June 11 – 17, but these ideas can be promoted all month long.  

Wear Blue Day  ( June 15) is an easy way to participate in promoting Male Wellness. Wear Blue Day was created by Men’s Health Network to raise awareness about the importance of male health and to encourage men to live longer and healthier lives and allow women to encourage them to do so.  Just Google either of these phrases, and it will take you right to their websites, which are full of ideas and support materials.  Those of you who use social media will especially appreciate some of the gratis material for your use.

Create a display with some of the materials you collect with brochures and information on men’s health and Men’s Health Month to bring attention to visitors and clients alike. Contact mhw@menshealthweek.org for brochures or download them at www.menshealthlibrary.com.

If you have a bigger facility or resources, you might want to consider participating in a Health Fair along with other healthcare professionals or employers in your area, like an office building. For more information about putting on a health fair or a screening, visit the MHN HealthZoneTM planner.

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