Celebrating Healthy Womanhood in All Four of its Seasons


May is undoubtedly when we celebrate motherhood. There are, however, three other seasons in a woman’s life, and why shouldn’t we celebrate all of them? This includes Maiden, Mother, Maga (female version of Magnus /wise man), and Maven (elder/crone). The idea is to find a way to celebrate and mindfully support health at each stage uniquely. Why not make a conscious decision to honor each phase and help your clients do the same with custom-crafted rites of passage. 

In many cultures, these phases of life are identified by seasons. We can take our cue from the ultimate Mother, Nature. Dedicate a period of time (like a week) to each of life’s stages. Offer specials on services and retail while promoting healthy lifestyle ideas.


Week One: Maiden/Spring means green and flowers. I like to bring in as many of them as possible. Biotone has a ton of options. My favorites include adding in the Green Tea and Lime Leaf Spa Complex, massaging with Relaxing Therapeutic Massage Crème (with lavender, passionflower, melissa & sage), and the retail special: Lavender and Rose Dry Oil. All these options are light in their scent scape and perfect for celebrating our younger selves and for our youthful clients. Check out Biotone’s Menu Idea – Radiant Rosy Body Buff

Week Two: Mother/Summer means tropical and energy. What doesn’t a mother need to feel more energetic?  Biotone has the perfect massage lotion, Energy infused with mandarin and ginger. Time is of high priority, so featuring layered and express services are a necessity. This life stage also requires a little more hydration and self-care, so your retail special: Maximum Moisture Body Lotions. Check out Biotone’s Menu Idea – Firm and Fabulous

Week Three: Maga/Autumn means transformation and harvest of nature’s bounty. Since this phase begins around menopause, physical and lifestyle shifts are part of every woman’s life at this point. Skin changes require gentle exfoliation followed by real hydration. I am personally at this stage of life and love sugar body polishes followed by utilizing shea butter products like Smoothing Massage Butter. Retail special: focus on body butter like Pomegranate and Berry. Check out Biotone’s Menu Idea – Autumn Glow Restoration

Week Four: Maven/Winter means an emphasis on comfort and ease of movement. My go-to product is Muscle & Joint Therapeutic Massage Crème to support their efforts to stay active. We still want to provide a soothing experience, and what better way to deliver this than a micro buff body polish followed with a Body Luxe Hydrating Wrap. The real trick is to finish the session by utilizing the product as the massage medium. Top it off by customizing it with Milk and Honey Spa Complex. Consider retail special: CBD products. Check out Biotone’s Menu Idea- Body Luxe Hydrating Wrap


Don’t forget to promote National Women’s Health Week May 13 – 19 all month long. It is a national effort by an alliance of government organizations to raise awareness about manageable steps women can take to improve their health. The focus is on the importance of incorporating simple preventive and positive health behaviors into everyday life. Check out: https://www.womenshealth.gov/nwhwThere are all kinds of support materials on this site that you can use in newsletters, social media, and as in-house promotional inspiration. 

  • Use Hashtag #NWHW for health-related posts.
  • Explore what awareness/ fundraising walks are in your area and put together a representative team complete with complimentary themed attire
  • Participate in a Health Fair
  • Create joint marketing initiatives with fitness studios, healthy food sources, and other wellness businesses
  • Offer a variety of spa waters and healthy snacks along with the recipe cards


Be well. Do good work and Promise to celebrate whatever stage you’re at in life.


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