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In Austin, the Aloe Foundation has embraced a holistic approach to treat individuals suffering from illness and trauma, writes Massage Magazine.  In creating individualized, client-centered treatment plans, the Foundation aims to reduce the stress and pain of the individuals it serves while boosting their overall health and wellness. Treatments include massage therapy as well as acupuncture, facials, and energetic work.

Such holistic treatments are helping clients feel “relieved, empowered and renewed,” according to Julie Paul, the Foundation’s Development Director. The organization has also expanded its reach through partnerships with other agencies to provide similar services to their clients.

The Aloe Foundation also hosts events on partners’ sites.  Partner organizations include Ronald McDonald House at Dell Children’s Hospital, Breast Cancer Resource Center of Texas, SAFE, and Camp Mabry.  Massage therapists who help at these events receive an honorarium, though Paul pointed out that therapists get as much from helping out at the events as the clients do. Read more.

University Makes Massage Available on Campus to Ease Stress

Illinois State University in Normal, Ill., is making massage available on campus to help students, faculty, and staff ease stress.  In making the announcement, the University said.

“Learning and working on a college campus can be enriching, but like any place, campus life comes with its own challenges. It is not uncommon for students, faculty, and staff to experience episodic or chronic health issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, compromised immune systems, tension headaches, and sleep issues.

Successfully addressing any one of these health issues often does not result in one protocol. Rather, the health issue can also involve combining complementary protocols for optimal outcomes. With this in mind, research has shown massage to be beneficial as an added protocol for addressing multiple health issues.”

The University is offering massage through a licensed massage therapist three days a week. The service is available to students, employees, and retirees of the university. Read more.

San Francisco Spas Are Embracing CBD Infused Massage Treatments

The SF Chronicle writes that top spas in San Francisco are integrating CBD-infused treatments into their menus and finding many clients are very receptive. Randy Pierce, spa director at the Remède Spa, told the Chronicle that the CBD oil massage add-on is trendy among clients.  He pointed out that most clients ordering the CBD add-on are familiar with the compound and its benefits. They are seeking muscle relief or treatment to deal with anxiety, and CBD is meeting their need.  Other clients who are not familiar with CBD are warier, he said.  Read more.

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