Be your own best friend. Learn how to be good to yourself.


Are you as good to yourself as you are to others? Sometimes we are our own worst critics. When it comes to running your spa or massage practice, you may be too hard on yourself.  Not every goal is as easy to achieve as it seems. Even in your personal life, you may find yourself taking on too much blame when relationships get rocky.


The fact is that for most, it’s a tremendous challenge to manage work and family responsibilities, maintain relationships with friends and keep up with volunteer commitments and continued education classes for massage therapy to maintain your professional credentials.  Feeling that you should handle everything flawlessly adds to the pressure you already feel with too much on your plate.


Being good to yourself helps get you through difficult times. It also helps you to be even better to others and accept their failings. Here are some ways to stop feeling the need to be perfect:


Turn off the negative voice in your head.

Start talking to you as your best friend would. Don’t crowd your mind with negative thoughts even if you have made a mistake or could have handled a situation in a better way. Negative thoughts come from a lack of self-confidence. Boost your confidence by retraining your mind to see things in a more positive light. You didn’t make a mistake; you learned a valuable lesson, for example.


Surround yourself with positive people

Being around people who are upbeat, who like themselves, and respecting others around them is uplifting and instructional. Learn from them. Find out what they do to keep a positive, loving attitude about themselves and others.


Pat yourself on the back

When you achieve something meaningful to you, take time to praise yourself. You deserve a compliment for a job well done, and no one may understand as well as you do what you accomplished. Be proud of yourself and acknowledge it.


Forgive yourself

No matter how badly you feel about something you did or failed to do in the past or the present, be easy on yourself. Resolve to do things differently next time.


Review your positive qualities

Do self-inventory. Make a list of all the things you like about yourself. Focus on your strengths and good qualities.


Believe in yourself

When you know you are right, don’t let others try to change your mind.

Be easier on others

The way you think about often reflects the way you think about yourself. Aim to be kinder towards others and less judgmental. Over time, it will make you easier on yourself and more understanding.

Take a time out from your everyday

You probably are familiar with the saying “stop and smell the roses.”  Do just that or do something equally simple yet pleasurable. Have a cup of coffee in an outdoor café and watch the world go by. Put all your responsibilities behind you and focus on some of life’s simple pleasures to find joy at the moment that invigorates and refreshes you and gives you peace.


Life is full of challenges. Be ready for them by being good to yourself.


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