Take your spa or massage practice to a new level in 2016


When it comes to taking your spa or massage practice to a new level in 2016, you’ll need attitude as well as actions. While having a strategic plan is important to meeting your goals, so is your inspiration and energy. A big part of achieving your goals is to picture where you want your business to be and staying focused until you get there. At the same time, inspire and energize your team to help you meet your goals.

In “Get Your Business to the Next Level in 8 Strategic Steps” that appeared on American Express OPEN forum, Carla Turchetti talks about the BHAG, which stands for the Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal. Your BHAG should serve as the unifying force for your business and a catalyst for team spirit. To achieve it involves envisioning where you want to take your spa or massage practice, ensuring everyone on your team can picture what success looks like and keeping the journey exciting as you work together to get there. Even as a solo practitioner, it’s good to have a BHAG to keep you motivated and on track.


Try something new

As part of your planning for the New Year, you may want to try some new things in addition to keeping those things going that continue to yield positive results you want. For example, 2016 may be time to introduce new services and products. If you don’t already offer them, add sports massage, trigger point therapy or reflexology to your service menu. You also may want to enhance your massage lineup with aromatherapy. You may need to take courses to add these services or hire some new professionals.

Expand your retail offerings with products from head for toe. For facial care, BIOTONE offers Facial Therapy Massage Creme for firming and Facial Therapy MicroRefiner to reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines. BIOTONE Marine Therapy Pedi Scrub and Balm  softens and rejuvenates the feet.


Boost customer service

Don’t overlook customer service as part of your planning for 2016. Aim to take your customer service from good to excellent with the following steps:

Learn to listen:  When you ask clients questions – about their health issues, skincare goals, preferences for product use, and more – listen attentively to their answers and observe their non-verbal cues from body language.  Never make assumptions about what the client wants.

Anticipate needs: Get to know your clients. Over time, you’ll be able to anticipate their needs and preferences. Also the better you know your customers, the more you can anticipate their needs and avoid situations that could jeopardize your relationship.

Convey a ‘can do’ attitude: Try to eliminate “no” from your dialogue with clients. When they ask for something, unless it’s not reasonable, say “yes” or “let me see what I can figure out for you.” You gain the confidence of your clients when you demonstrate you goal is to solve their problems.

Live up to promises:  Be direct and honest about your ability to give then what they want.  Broken promises lead to mistrust, which ultimately will send clients looking for another spa or massage business they can count on.

When it comes to your spa or massage practice, the sky’s the limit. Think big and put your great plans into action with inspiration and a positive attitude.

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