woman with dry cracked sign

Did you know that the skin on your face says a lot about your overall health? Early symptoms should be noticed as it could be a sign of other issues.

Usually, however, people have poor skin health simply because they have some bad beauty habits or don’t take a good care of their skin. Let’s look into the most common signs and see what you can do about each to improve the condition and tone of your skin:

1. You don’t wear protection.

Sunburn is one of the biggest enemies of our skin health. Not to mention it can lead to cancer and can worsen over the years. It also makes us age prematurely.

Unfortunately, people only realize that after allowing their skin to burn a few times, be it when tanning at the beach, hiking in the mountains, or else. The negative effects are then obvious. You might not know this but even one sunburn can ruin your skin by causing wrinkles and age spots and thus taking away the young look from you forever.

The solution is to wear protection every day, even when it’s cloudy or during the winter season. A tiny percentage of the population does it, while everyone else is just hiding from the sun. However, one of the biggest favors you can do to your skin, good health and fresh look, is to start wearing sun protection.

2. You’ve allowed acne to take over.

Whether it’s teenage acne, adult (that’s a common type of acne too, yes), hormonal, or else, there’s nothing worse than making peace with it. There is treatment but you’ve probably tried the wrong things and have then given up. But that’s a big mistake as you should free your skin from the effects of acne so it can look its best. In fact, the allergy itself is an indicator that something isn’t right.

It all begins with seeing a dermatologist to understand what causes your acne before taking particular measures. It might require patience and time, but it’s doable.

Once it’s gone or when its effects are minimized, you can begin taking good care of your skin and keep it smooth for as long as you can.

3. You don’t moisturize.

Most people who don’t cleanse and moisturize their skin assume this simply isn’t necessary. But leaving the benefits of doing it aside, the main point of daily rituals like that is to avoid the side effects.

When you don’t moisturize, your skin will appear dry. Because of that, the fine lines will become more visible, the acne can get worse, and more wrinkles can pop up.

The more you lose water, the tighter and ashier your skin becomes.

However, with a daily dose of moisturizing, the water that’s already in your skin cells will be preserved and more will be added to the surface.

4. You’re using the wrong skin products.

Do you experience rashes? Does your skin itch for no obvious reason? Maybe it’s more oily than usual, or you notice tightness?

If something just doesn’t feel right, it might be because your skin is reacting to bad beauty products or something that’s not made for its type.

However, some specialists advise to start using a new product slowly and in smaller doses and give it around 2 weeks so our skin can adjust. Any small irritation in that first period shouldn’t be scary. But if it continues, you should switch products.

5. You’re not using any products at all.

Another mistake you might be making that’s a really bad skin habit is not using any products at all. But it’s no coincidence there are creams, moisturizers and cleansers for people of all ages, every gender and for every period of their life (be it menstruation, menopause, teenage years, etc.)

Skin care products allow you to keep your skin hydrated, for a start. It’s surprising how many outer and inner factors (from the weather and change of seasons to a bad diet and lack of enough liquids) can dehydrate our skin. With the right cream, however, you can give it all the ingredients it needs.

Additionally, thanks to anti-aging products - such as creams containing retinol, for instance - you can reverse the effects of aging and fix damaged tissue. Retinol Active Skincare by True Results is a great way to see improvement in skin pigmentation, wrinkles and age spots, and even remove pores.

Watch out for these 5 signs that show you aren’t paying enough attention to your skin health. Do something about them to fix the damage as soon as possible.