10 Wellness Trends for 2016 and Why You Should Care


Keeping up with the Jones' has been replaced with keeping up with everyone.  Social media has changed how all of us plan and work based on trending.  Having come from a marketing background, I naturally scan for these trends.   Here are some of my favorites for the next year and how I feel they will impact our profession.


  1. The spa is back.  Spa spending is up, as well as employment opportunities.  Make sure if that is what you are seeking, you know the basics of the traditional spa, including wraps, masques, exfoliation, etc.…. and retail sales.
  2. Multi-tasking sessions that include multi-masking – There are so many convenient ways to integrate masque treatments into a massage.  BIOTONE is actually a great resource with a selection of easy to use body muds and my favorite Body-Lux Hydrating Wrap.
  3. Meditation’s benefits are being confirmed by medical research helping to shed its woo-woo image.  Find ways to provide true relaxation and mindful moments in your space for you and your clients.
  4. Workplace Wellness programs are making a comeback.  Corporations that cut these during the downturn are bringing them back.  If this is a market you are interested in, now is the time to explore options and get your proposals shined up.  Some companies hire therapists outright, and others use contracted labor.  Consider ditching the strip mall location and check out office buildings. They might be a perfect way to create a marketing goldmine based on location. 
  5. Subscription franchises are still growing because consumers like them.  Just because you are a sole practitioner or own a small clinic does not mean you can’t offer similar deals.   Look at what you can afford to work for and create your own program.
  6. Natural ingredients are essential to the majority of consumers.  Thanks to Pinterest and the essential oil business, more and more consumers are getting educated (and sometimes misinformed) on actual ingredients.  Some of the hottest right now are salts, cannabis, honey, minerals, charcoal, adaptogens (stress-fighting herbs), and Matcha.  Since I have always practiced kitchen spa, this is an easy trend for me.  But my treatment room is actually a combination of natural and convenient products.  And I’m ok with that. Look for the best of both worlds.
  7. Athleisure is a word describing a lifestyle that combines athletic activity with a more leisurely approach.  Basically, we have replaced jeans with yoga pants.  These clients are interested in a no-fuss but therapeutic way of living, perfect for our industry.
  8. Seaweed is replacing Kale in diets, so look for protocols and products that incorporate seaweed like Biotone’s Firmi-sea body mask.
  9. Personalization vs. demographics will be how we will market in the future.  People no longer fit in neat protocols, requiring us to pay closer attention to what individual clients respond to and finesse their sessions to those likes and dislikes.  I personally feel like we will excel at this skill.
  10. International inspiration is important to consumers.  We live in a global economy, and people like to feel like they are part of it.  Respectfully play with indigenous traditions and global trends to keep your sessions fresh and interesting. For example, oil cleansing is gaining popularity, and this might be a good year to play with traditional techniques that utilize warmed oils that are poured on and scraped off.


My hope for you is this is a year of growth and success both personally and professionally. 

Be Well, Do Good Work, and share with us your plans for 2016.

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