It’s a Win/Win Proposition when your Spa or Massage Business targets Athletic Clients

Does your spa or massage business address the needs of athletes? Everyone may not be destined for the big leagues or the Olympics; still within your community there are athletes, sports teams and fitness buffs that have special body care needs. Providing services that heal and prevent sports injuries and even improve athletic performance can be a significant business opportunity for your spa or massage business.

Regular bodywork by a therapist specifically trained in sports massage can help to correct common sports injuries -- sprained ankles or shoulder pain from throwing motions involved in tennis or pitching a ball. By incorporating a therapeutic lotion, such as BIOTONE Polar Lotion, into the massage, MTs can provide deep penetrating relief to aching joints and muscles.

Sports massage even can help enhance sports training and exercise by getting certain muscle groups or a particular part of the body – a leg or arm -- in better condition. Also massage can help prevent repetitive types of injuries such as runner’s knee or tennis elbow, which can become chronic if left untreated.

As you are considering services for the athletically inclined, don’t forget skin care treatments. Overexposure to the sun, wind and water can leave skin sorely damaged and in need of repair and hydration.


You’ll need a targeted marketing campaign to appeal to the athletic client. Your marketing channels may be the same but your messaging will be different. Here are some recommendations for a targeted campaign:

  • Marketing materials
  • Create a series of materials – brochures, handouts, even a section of your website – listing your special services or packages geared to the needs of the athletic client. Add an educational component. Explain the types of products you use in your spa or massage business and why as well as what you recommend for various injuries and prevention.

  • Advertising
  • If you advertise in your local newspapers whether it’s print or online consider expanding your budget to include the sports sections.

  • Email marketing
  • Start to build a target list and reach out periodically – minimally at the beginning of each season - through email with information about your services and products. Continue your educational outreach by including information on the latest trends or developments in sports massage or focus on a particular sports-related injury. Include special package promotions to encourage customers to try a new service. Have a powerful call-to-action on your email that takes readers to a special section of your website or a landing page with information about your sports related services.

  • Partner marketing
  • Check with your local health clubs and gyms about partner marketing. You can offer information about their services at your business and they can do the same for you. Consider holding joint events.

  • Volunteer
  • Volunteer your services to a charitable sporting event – a walk, run or golf tournament. You create good will and gain exposure.

  • Special team programs
  • Meet with local high school,college or even business sports teams to offer special packages to their members at a discount. Ask if you can arrange a talk on sports injuries and massage.

  • Social media
  • If you have a blog, make sure you include posts that are relevant to the sports minded client; promote the posts through your Facebook and Twitter account. Also join appropriate groups on LinkedIn and share your blog posts, add comments, and start a discussion. Get yourself known in your community for your specialty in treating athletes.

We know that sport is big business. Make it big business for you with the right services and products and the right marketing activities.