Use Words in your Spa or Massage Practice Marketing Campaigns that are sure to Sell

If there ever was a time to make sure your spa or massage practice marketing message rise about the noise level, it’s now. With so many holiday special promotions, you want to be sure that marketing campaigns around your special holiday packages, gift card and retail gift items reach clients and prospects and make a connection.

When it comes to crafting copy, the words you choose definitely matter. By choosing just the right words, you evoke emotion in the reader. That’s why the words need to be attention getting and encourage the action you ultimately want someone to take whether it’s “buy,” “sign up” or “book now.” Words that sell should be used in headlines, in the body of the message and in taglines, if you use them. But don’t overdo the use of these strong or power words. Marketing materials that oversell can turn off the reader.

Among the most likely of your holiday promotions are those related to some type of special sale. You also may be offering a gift along with a featured holiday retail item or treatment. For these types of promotions, “free gift,” “special offer,” and “holiday savings” can help attract clients into your spa or massage practice or browse your website to sign up for a session or make a purchase.

Other powerful words to use in your marketing promotions or any time of the year but especially now are:


What can be more powerful than speaking directly to the needs of your clients? For that reason, include ”‘you” or “your” in your marketing copy. Phrases like “You deserve an aromatherapy massage,” or “Treat your skin to a rejuvenating scrub and wrap for the holidays” can be very effective.


People respond to products and services that bolster their health. Use phrases such as “Enjoy the healthy benefits of massage or “Do your health good and book your holiday massage now.”


When is the last time you said or heard someone complain how difficult everything is? When something is easy or simple, it’s attractive. “Make your holiday shopping simple with a gift card for a massage or spa treatment” or “Your skin will glow for the holidays with this easy treatment” will be welcome messages to holiday-hurried clients.


Everyone wants to know what’s in it for them. Spell out the benefit in your marketing copy with phrases such as, “You’ll benefit from a deep tissue or sports massage,” or “Enjoy the many benefits of a hydrating body wrap.”


You may want to point out how many of your other clients have derived benefits from your services or products. If you include proven, it helps to add some direct quotes from other clients that point to their positive experience or outcome.

These are just a sampling of the words that connect with clients and encourage them to take action. Here are some others:

  • Best
  • Convenient
  • Dependable
  • Exciting
  • Love
  • Top
  • Secure
  • Quality
  • Unique

What words have you found to be very effective in marketing your services and products?

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