Why You Need to Build Business Authority and How to Build It

Do you consider yourself an expert in your field? More importantly do your clients? There is a lot of competition in the massage and spa market and there are several reasons clients choose one practitioner or business over another. But above all clients want to feel whoever they choose is expert in the field. Some stats indicate that 70% of people say that they need to see some evidence of your expertise before they will even consider working with you.[1]

That is why establishing your authority as a professional is so important. Prospects will turn to online review sites to see what others have to say about you before booking an appointment. Your reputation as having outstanding knowledge and skills will set your apart from the competition.

Even if you are just getting your business off the ground, position yourself as an expert from the get go. The word will get around and potential clients will seek your services.  Your authority ultimately relates to your reputation. If you and your business are not considered to have much authority, you will not rate high on the competitive market landscape.  

Another reason to build a positive reputation is for SEO. Search engine optimization relies on authority. Since Google wants to put forward the most authoritative websites in search, your business will rank higher if you establish your expertise.  Higher rankings can result in more traffic resulting in more business. [2]

Steps to building authority

Stand out from the crowd: This starts with having a unique selling proposition (USP). Your USP should be something that other businesses and practitioners do not offer or some way you deliver your services that distinguishes you from the competition. It could be the way you package treatments for specific client problems or bundle retail offerings with treatments so that clients can continue to benefit from your service in between treatments. Your USP might be associated with your web presence. Enhance online booking with ecommerce for retail offerings.

Actions speak louder than words: When it comes to quality, remember it is not what you say but what you do. When you deliver the best quality and value for the money, clients will remember. As part of providing the best quality, seek feedback from clients to make whatever changes are necessary to keep the reputation of your business and brand ahead of the pack.

Showcase your authority: Provide your clients and prospects with the latest information on the industry. Use social media to offer insight on trends, research, and treatments, which are shaping the spa and massage markets today. Maintain a blog to showcase your knowledge. Also consider contributing to other industry blogs and online columns and providing links to the content on your social channels.

Participate in community events:  The name recognition you gain will help in building your industry authority. Community fairs or holiday celebrations may provide you with an opportunity to set up a booth and answer questions about massage and spa services. You might sell some of your retail products.

Leverage third party endorsements: You add considerable authority to your business by featuring case studies and testimonials on your website and in content on your blog and other social channels.  Nothing speaks more to your authority than having others attest to your expertise.

These are some ways to build business authority. Whatever you choose, make sure you are consistent in your service and content that reflects your knowhow. Consistency in the way you conduct your business and present your industry knowledge supports your business authority.




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