What is your Motto and How do you tell your Customers about it?


Who could ever forget Apple asking us to "Think Different" or Volkswagen hoping we'd "Think Small." Call them mottos or slogans, whichever you prefer. What's important is that these messages are embedded in our memory. Company slogans, when they are effective, as these two clearly are, "touch the hearts and minds" of your customers and prospects and sell your brand.


As memorable as company slogans may be, they have to stand for something -- your vision, mission, or value proposition -- and they have to stand on their own. Our slogan at BIOTONE, "Committed to Research, Education & You," is prominently displayed on our collateral materials and tells you right away how BIOTONE aims to enrich your business and your life.


Our motto speaks to our actions as a company. Year after year, new product development confirms our commitment to provide products that meet your ever-changing needs. We are equally committed to education. Our Edu-Partner program allows us to maintain ongoing, mutually beneficial relationships with hundreds of schools. We donate to support scholarships and annually grant the Community Outreach Award to encourage schools to take their massage programs to the community.


We also aim to educate the public about the value of massage through the various research programs we fund. One of our most notable research studies, for example, focused on the value of massage in improving the immune function of breast cancer patients.


How to Create your Company Slogan

You may not think you need a slogan if you don't already have one, but as you can see, it is invaluable in making that all-important connection with your clients. You'll want to use your slogan on your business cards, on your website or blog, and in the ads, you run or collateral you hand out.


Some things to keep in mind as you create your slogan. Make sure that your slogan:


  • Fits your business - use keywords that are used in the spa and massage marketplace and conveys what you do
  • Shares your vision - don't talk about yourself instead of focusing on what you can do for your customer.
  • Is memorable - your slogan should be easy to understand and quickly convey the benefits you offer
  • Length - short and simple has maximum impact.
  • Works - test it out on some folks to see how it resonates with them.


When you see "Committed to Research, Education & You," BIOTONE comes to mind. Do you have a slogan? If so, share it with us now on our Facebook by clicking here and let us know why you hold it near and dear... And, wink-wink... letting us know also gets your slogan out in front of others.

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