Walking with Direction and Purpose


We all have our perspectives and perceptions of the world around us. A Worldview that guides us in our daily lives. We connect with it, and everything we do resonates from it. I believe the weight of this world can be found anywhere you look. Many people are overflowing with some combination of guilt, fear, resentment, anger, stress, and PAIN. In the right amount, each of these “weights” helps keep us grounded and in touch with the messages it tunes us into. In excess, they tie us down, preventing us, both individually and collectively, from ascending to our fullest potential. The deeper and heavier our bonds hold us, the more painful and resistant to release they become.


One obstacle to their release seems to be that feelings have to be acknowledged and felt to be processed. Many people may not have the skill or desire to deal with their feelings. Unfortunately, all that pent up energy has to be stored if it isn’t processed. A person can only store so much before emotions start to overflow and bubble over. In these moments, one may lash out at someone they love instead of owning their frustration, anger, or resentment. They may become paralyzed, squashing any desire or want for more in their lives to avoid guilt or fear.


It’s easy for any of us to lose sight of the big picture. We all have bad days where we are irritable and take our frustrations out on others. It can be difficult to bring our mind’s eye away from the microcosm of our daily lives to see all the possibilities and blessings around us. Ultimately, we know that we live on a large rock that circles that massive flaming ball of gas we call the Sun. We know our world resides in a solar system that exists on the outer arm of a galaxy full of billions of stars, spinning around a supermassive black hole while we hurl through space into infinity! Acknowledging the miracle of our existence brings perspective. It teaches us to cherish each moment.


Accepting this reality plants us soundly in the present moment and reminds us that now is the time, for everything, for anything, that needs saying or doing. Sometimes we even learn that the worst day of our lives can bring blessings that seem unfathomable in the moments following the tragedy. We find the strength we didn’t know we had through adversity. These lessons can teach us to cherish those we love with all our hearts - with our words and attention, not just our hugs and kisses. Those moments of connection with the ones we love that bring us the greatest peace or the lack of them the most painful regrets.


The reality of The Universe around us is vast beyond our comprehension. Yet somehow, we exist. We matter. We get the pleasure of being part of "IT." All of "IT." The loss, the betrayal, the trust, the friendships, the pain, the healing, and the LOVE. We get to live a life of our own design if we choose; it won’t be perfect, but it is ours, and I believe if we embrace it with all that we are, we will be filled with awe at how marvelous it is.


When I have a client come to see me who is suffering, my goal is to inspire them to see outside of their current Worldview. To see outside of their pain. To help them connect with their deeper self to tap into the courage, grace, and determination they will need to process the burdens that keep them down. Stripping away the layers of defense mechanisms and postural compensations that have developed over a lifespan can seem impossible to clients who feel like their bodies have failed them. It is not! It is a process that must be traversed with compassion, skill, and trust.


It is our job as health care practitioners to help guide them in that journey. It is our job to make sure we develop ourselves to our fullest potential to support our clients through the difficult process of releasing the burdens that hold them back. That doesn’t mean they are healed. A person who is truly connected with their body may still experience pain, may still be physically limited, but they can take ownership of it. I want to help clients release congestion (regardless of source), so they may become healthier and happier by being more centered, aware, and in control of their own pain cycles.


As a Massage Educator, I want to inspire students to show intent in their work. The goals are the same regardless of the class I am presenting. I aspire to teach therapists how to help clients participate in their own therapy, let go of their defense mechanisms and release congestion and pain from their bodies. My coursework's therapeutic skills are designed to achieve these intentions as pain-free and nurturing away as possible - inviting the client to hope for more for themselves without fear of more pain or disappointment.


Knowing your Worldview and how it guides you can bring tremendous insight. It can help you identify truths you are avoiding and the fallacies you have created. It can help you cultivate yourself into the person you want to be. Understanding your client’s worldview can help you develop treatment plans that avoid pitfalls and provide the maximum potential for success. We all leave a footprint in this world, and we get to choose our steps. Why not take them with purpose and direction?


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