Use Social Media to Help Boost Spa Sales


No one wants to go to your spa’s Facebook page and see one promotional post after another. Yet social media can help your sales effort. It begins with the customer engagement in which you employ social media to provide content to your customers that is useful, interesting, and informative. As you build trust, your customers will begin to respond with inquiries and comments to help you understand their retail purchase needs and treatment preferences.


In this way, think of social media as market research. For example, MSN reports that Macy’s decided to carry denim jeans in bright neon rather than pastels after polling their customers on Facebook. Wal-Mart decided to let customers vote on which toys they wanted to be discounted for the holidays.


When someone hits like on a retail product or a treatment, you are getting valuable insight. Their preference may not immediately translate to sales, but the information can help you decide what to stock and what treatments to promote more.


As in the example above, social media can help your sales effort when you give customers a say in the decision-making process. If, up to now, your social media strategy has been to increase your followers or fans, think broader. Use your social media channels to understand how and what to offer your customers.


Draw Customers into your Spa with Social Media

Intending to get more people into your spa or in more often – or to purchase retail online if you have an eCommerce capability - here are some ways social media can help you.


Showcase your Spa

Invite followers into your spa virtually. Post pictures and videos of your spa. Feature a treatment on a video and interview some of your staff talking about what they do. Highlight your retail section. Entice them to book an appointment if they haven’t been in for a while.


Offer an Exclusive Promotion

Reward your followers/fans with a special deal or discount on a product or treatment. It shows them you appreciate their support and at the same time helps you boost sales.


Offer a Sample

Offer followers a product sample of a new retail offering by booking a treatment.


Host a Special Event at your Spa for Followers

Consider holding a special event for Facebook or Twitter fans at your spa where you feature special discounted treatments and retail product offerings.

Above all, maintain a high presence on your social media channels. Keep the content relevant. Offer advice. The more you engage, the more you entice your fans and followers right to your door.


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