Turn Simple Into Sensational


I hope you have your reservations for the upcoming April 24 - 26 Las Vegas Spa show. BIOTONE will be there with a full support team and great show specials in Booth 1406. Also, I will teach a class on how to use spa treatments to take what services you already offer to the next level - from simple to sensational. I will share with you simple and effective ways to amplify your marketability while increasing the time your current client's book with you.


Here is a sample of one of my favorite tools:

A Spa Club

This is a one-time card that encourages your clients to try additional treatments and nets you guaranteed income without any wear and tear on your hands. They choose one of the pre-purchased spa services to enhance their regular massage session. Once they have tried them all, you will have new converts and incredible client retention.


Sample Sports Spa Club
  • Suggested Cost to the client: 120 dollars
  • Upgrades available with every session: Full body brushing Custom blended aromatherapy massage medium
  1. One Comp sore muscle aromatherapy wrap (value $35.00)
  2. One Comp torso treatment (value $35.00)
  3. One Comp foot treatment (value $35.00)
  4. One Comp hot oil scalp massage (value $35.00)
  5. One Comp hand/foot hot oil aromatherapy treatment (value $35.00)
  6. One Comp detoxifying salt glow (value $35.00)


These Spa Clubs can be customized for any market or event, such as:

  • Bride to Be
  • Hot Mamma
  • Power Surges Anonymous

See you in Las Vegas - I promise it will be time well spent !!!IECSC Las VegasLas Vegas Convention CenterSunday, April 25First Session: 1 to 3 pm second Session: 4 to 6 pm room N217


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