It's April - shower your clients with good advice


What client doesn't want smooth and glowing skin? After the drying effects of winter, many of your clients undoubtedly are looking for advice on how to moisturize their skin. This time of year provides an excellent opportunity to discuss the benefits of hydrating body treatments. Initially, you may want to recommend a massage butter to address a client's dry skin problems.


BIOTONE's ultra-hydrating Smoothing Massage Butter contains pure African shea butter and replenishing oils -- Jojoba, avocado, peach, and sunflower. Also, wheat amino acids and Beta Glucan protect the skin while retaining moisture. As part of educating your client about their skincare needs, explain the importance of exfoliation to help speed up cell turnover and the value of mud for hydration.


BIOTONE Micro Buff Body Polish was specifically formulated with amino acids to accelerate cell renewal. Your clients can elect to combine the Micro Buff exfoliation treatment with one of our creme-based muds of their choice - Black Baltic to promote detoxification, Firmi-Sea for firming, stimulating, and toning, and European Rose for deep hydration.


For additional healing and renewal, finish the treatment with BIOTONE Hydrating Body Lotion, containing Shea Butter and amino acids.


An optional treatment for deep hydration is our new BIOTONE Body Lush Hydrating Wrap, a moisture-binding emollient that provides deep, lasting hydration and skin protection. Body Lush Hydrating Wrap is easy to use in a wet or dry room. If your clients complain of having dry skin between visits, both the Massage Butter and the Hydrating Lotion come in sizes for at-home use. The products will keep your clients' skin healthier, and each time they use the products, they will remember you're good advice.

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