Retail Products Extend the Value of your Wellness offering to Spa and Massage Therapy Clients


How many of your spa and massage practice clients are on a journey to their wellness? Ten or more years ago, you might not have considered that question, but today, the public’s attitude about living a healthy lifestyle is growing globally. In its report on the global spa and wellness industry issued in September, SRI International, the non-profit research firm, wrote:


“All across the world, we have seen, from Asia to Europe to North America, more and more people are consciously thinking about healthy food, exercising, looking to nature, getting a massage and doing yoga. Spa treatments and products, alternative and complementary treatments, and weight-loss programs once considered beyond the means of many people are becoming more and more mainstream with a growing middle class.” As a result of this new focus on health, SRI estimates that the global spa and wellness industry has reached $3.4 trillion.


Build Your Wellness Retail Business

The tremendous growth in the wellness industry is a huge boom to your spa or massage practice. The focus on wellness enables you to build a collaborative relationship with your clients in which they look to you for advice on their health and service offerings. Retail wellness products offer yet another opportunity to continue your clients' connection after a session is over.


Wake Up The Senses

In “Expand Wellness Services with Retail,” Jeri Ross suggests that your retail wellness offerings incorporate aromatherapy since smell is one of the most powerful of the five senses. It triggers an emotional association with a life experience. She recommends that you educate your clients about the stress-reducing benefits of using scents daily.


Introduce your clients to aromatherapy through your body treatments. Please consult with your clients to determine what scents appeal to them and then determine the best ones to use for the given situation. At BIOTONE, we offer a wide range of essential oils, both in single note and blends, so that you can customize any treatment creme, oil, lotion, or even mud to suit your client’s preference. You can also choose from one of our five Aromatherapy Massage Lotions -- Bliss, Calming, Energy, Renewal, and Serenity -- each offering six 100 percent therapeutic grade essential oils.


In addition to essential oils for use in treatments, you can create a natural environment in your spa or massage room with our 100 percent essential oil room mist sprays or create a luxurious ambiance in the treatment room, in the office, and on linens with our Ambiance Aroma Room Mist Sprays. The sprays, along with our 100 percent Essential Oil Candles, are available for retail so clients can continue the aromatherapy experience at home.


You’ll also want to make music part of the wellness experience. Music has healing powers. It can reduce stress and anxiety and alter mood to help eliminate negative feelings and emotions. Select music that complements your service. Find out what your clients like and what kind of sounds they find relaxing.


Besides having music in the background during sessions, offer a retail selection of the music you play so clients can recreate the sounds whenever they want.


Healing At Home

Among massage therapy offerings for at-home use are analgesic, fast-penetrating lubricants that provide long-lasting soothing and cooling relief. Originally formulated for professional use, retail offerings such as Polar Lotion help clients continue their pain-relieving treatment at home.


There is a range of retail offerings to complement your wellness services. By helping your clients get well and stay that way, you make your spa or massage practice invaluable to them.

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