Taking the Mountain to Mohammad with Your Mobile Spa


Recent economic times and the resulting consumer belt tightening have challenged all of us to identify and focus on untapped opportunities.


For instance, a current consumer trend is to move the entertaining hub back home. An example of this is the increase of dinner clubs where people take turns hosting parties in their own homes. Although this may be bad news for restaurants and even luxury spas, for many of us it presents a great opportunity to promote mobile spa services.


If you have been to any of my spa presentations, you already know how much I utilize spa parties. With simple adaptations of my regular menu and an organized way to transport and access my supplies, I have successfully provided spa in many settings.


Here are some of the basics I often share in class:

  • Keep your menu options limited to simple dry room treatments. In addition to massage I commonly offer head to toe packages - aromatherapy wraps, mud foot treatments, hand rejuvenation, and hot oil scalp treatments.
  • Keep equipment requirements minimal: Heated mitts and booties allow me to easily perform hand and foot treatments. Roasters warm product, towels and stones.
  • Wet hand towels in your washer, pre-roll, and store in rolling ice chests. You can use the chest to hold used linens as well.
  • Use disposable gloves to speed transition between treatments and clients.
  • Pre-measure products into zip lock bags.


Isn't it interesting that the Chinese character for disaster is also the character for opportunity?


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