Take Five or Ten between Clients to keep Focused and Energized


So many people walk around with coffee in hand these days, I have to wonder if the traditional coffee break is a thing of the past. Actually, coffee breaks, as I learned through a search on Google, emerged in the early 20th century when they were part of an overall movement to reform what was then a pretty grim American work place.


In 1952, Pan-American Coffee Bureau ad campaign encouraged everyone to "Give yourself a Coffee-Break - and Get What Coffee Gives to You." The term coffee break caught on.


Here at our BIOTONE office, we have coffee, tea and other drinks available at any time. Some like to relax in the break room with a cup of coffee or tea for 15 minutes or so. Others just like to get away from their desk and take in the fresh air. We have a nice patio area to relax in and on most days, San Diego's climate permits time to soak in the sun's rays. The choice is ours and it's highly encouraged for each of us to get away from our work and periodically recharge. I certainly need to do it. My idea of a break is to step away from my office for a brisk walk on those nice sunny days or do some stretches for those less-than-sunny days.


How to Recharge

I've talked to many massage therapists and it's interesting to hear how they keep their energy levels at full tilt from one client to another. One of them told me she allows herself 30 minutes between clients to rest a bit and prepare for the next session. Another tells me she does simple stretches between sessions. Someone else does yoga and a few mentioned they take a walk and even run. Healthy snacks throughout the day can also boost your energy level, and as always, stay hydrated by drinking lots of water helps.


Girl in blue sweater holding coffee cup with both hands.Whatever you choose, the bottom line is you need a break. You need time to recharge and refresh mentally and physically. It's not only you who benefits from periodic breaks - your clients will as well. Your clients deserve your complete focus, which can only be accomplished when you're not fatigued.


How about you? How do you recharge throughout what is certainly a very physically as well as mentally demanding day?

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